Best Photos Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total photos plugins - 28
Google Hangouts Chrome extension download
Google Hangouts Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

hangouts, friends, photos, conversations, group, devices, video, conversation, notifications, calls, free, google, emoji, chrome, window

Search By MovixHub Chrome extension download
Search By MovixHub Search By MovixHub

search, movixhub, movies, extension, showtimes, trailers, movie, favorites, http, policy, find, www, privacy, track, list

Sumo Paint Chrome extension download
Sumo Paint Sumo Paint is a full featured painting and image editing application.

tools, image, color, effects, layers, tool, including, brushes, gradient, selections, detection, transform, sharpen, options, app

Instagram for Chrome Chrome extension download
Instagram for Chrome Hands down, the best way to see your Instagram notifications

instagram, chrome, api, extension, privacy, http, tm, features, suggestions, reviews, support, section, added, news, feed

Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - FireShot Chrome extension download
Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - FireShot Take FULL webpage screenshots. Capture, edit and save them to PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, upload, print, send to OneNote, clipboard or email.

capture, screenshot, fireshot, pdf, screenshots, full, save, areas, print, web, edit, google, chrome, clipboard, jpeg

Hover Zoom Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

images, google, sites, zoom, specific, http, options, files, reddit, chrome, page, imgur, facebook, faq, pcmag

MyFunCards Chrome extension download
MyFunCards You can enjoy access to 1000’s of eCards, addictive smileys, fun layouts, photo editing tools and more– all in one convenient spot!

extension, click, chrome, myfuncards, http, uninstall, browser, send, eula, quot, free, privacy, fun, myway, convenient

Search By goMovix Chrome extension download
Search By goMovix Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows

search, movies, extension, tv, showtimes, trailers, gomovix, find, content, celebrity, track, list, photos, rate, browse

Earth View from Google Earth Chrome extension download
Earth View from Google Earth Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.

image, chrome, earth, google, images, tab, gallery, beautiful, extensions, favorite, satellite, ensure, performance, wallpaper, disable

Image Downloader Chrome extension download
Image Downloader Browse and download images on a web page.

image, images, download, added, removed, buttons, width, open, url, save, chrome, page, issues, style, filters

Imagus Chrome extension download
Imagus Enlarge thumbnails, and show images/videos from links with a mouse hover.

rules, images, extension, sites, image, customized, user, set, facebook, learn, reviewing, larger, links, defined, page

StumbleUpon Chrome extension download
StumbleUpon Explore more.

stumbleupon, world, quot, stumbling, chrome, recommend, page, million, easiest, start, exploring, laugh, cry, web, content screen sharing Chrome extension download screen sharing Share the screen from your computer with up to 8 people in a video conversation, to show presentations, photos and documents.

share, video, screen, conversation, browser, webrtc, chrome, participants, computer, presentations, extension, people, efficient, photos, lets

DownAlbum Chrome extension download
DownAlbum Download Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album.

download, album, page, save, facebook, photos, load, amp, chrome, zip, https, http, opera, fancybox, instagram

Hover Zoom+ Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom+ Zoom images/videos on all your favorite websites (Facebook, Amazon, etc). Simply hover your mouse over the image to enlarge it.

extension, websites, images, zoom, tab, facebook, version, full, hoverzoom, image, browser, access, supported, sites, hover

MyImageConverter Chrome extension download
MyImageConverter Access the tools you need to easily convert images -- all from one FREE & convenient spot!

extension, chrome, click, myimageconverter, http, uninstall, quot, free, browser, eula, privacy, files, image, myway, convert

Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized Chrome extension download
Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized Good old Wikipedia gets a great new look

wikipedia, wikiwand, article, extension, layout, links, photos, interface, great, quot, improved, quicker, significantly, table, search

PicMonkey Extension Chrome extension download
PicMonkey Extension Instantly edit web page images and screenshots with PicMonkey

picmonkey, page, images, lets, web, edit, chrome, instantly, extension, photo, desires, frames, online, textures, fonts

Search and New Tab by Yahoo Chrome extension download
Search and New Tab by Yahoo This extension sets your search engine to Yahoo and customizes your new tab page with Flickr photos and access to your top sites

tab, search, yahoo, top, flickr, access, page, photos, sets, engine, extension, sites, time, results, sitesadd

Fatkun Batch Download Image Chrome extension download
Fatkun Batch Download Image An useful and simple image download extension.You can filter by resolution or link.

image, download, fixed, code, simple, extension, translation, site, slider, big, thumb, chrome, uncompressed, bugs, unused

EXIF Viewer Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Quick viewing EXIF

exif, fixed, added, extension, cache, data, quot, image, page, parsing, bug, images, gps, crash, bugs

EasyPhotoEdit Chrome extension download
EasyPhotoEdit Enjoy multiple ways to edit photos, import and export photos easily and much more.

extension, chrome, click, http, easyphotoedit, photos, uninstall, browser, quot, photo, enjoy, privacy, eula, myway, tab

PictureMate - View hidden FB pics Chrome extension download
PictureMate - View hidden FB pics View hidden photos of anyone on the social media (This is a NON-official Facebook app)

facebook, photos, picturemate, finds, user, hidden, official, view, search, graph, profile, don, block, privacy, settings

Cardse - Make Screenshots and Upload Images Chrome extension download
Cardse - Make Screenshots and Upload Images This extension allows you make screenshots, add annotations and upload images.

images, extension, upload, screenshots, cardse, menu, click, option, adds, pages, net, web, hover, annotations, add

PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader Chrome extension download
PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader This extension is needed to install PlayMemories Camera Apps applications.

apps, camera, extension, playmemories, install, downloader, needed, chrome, applications

Flickr Tab Chrome extension download
Flickr Tab Explore Flickr on your new Chrome tab.

flickr, tab, click, user, community, photograph, time, popular, chrome, extension, open, displays, explore, photos, photo

PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! Chrome extension download
PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.

facebook, photolive, albums, http, photos, large, bulky, extension, download, iphotolive, simply, www, compromize, account, information

Houzz Bookmarklet Chrome extension download
Houzz Bookmarklet Find images that you like on the web and click the Houzz button to add them to an Ideabook.

houzz, button, chrome, extension, photos, save, click, unique, articles, products, read, web, browser, discover, renovation

Hover Free Chrome extension download
Hover Free Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on over 100 sites and is totally free from shady updates, ads or 3rd party tracking.

hoverfree, images, sites, extension, free, reddit, http, specific, links, plugin, imgur, image, imagus, browsing, hoverzoom

DownFlickr - Flickr Downloader Chrome extension download
DownFlickr - Flickr Downloader Flickr photos downloader extension.

download, photos, flickr, photo, downflickr, extension, quot, don, id, downloader, contribute, author, source, individually, view

My Dogs New Tab Chrome extension download
My Dogs New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy wallpaper images of dogs and puppies with every new tab with My Dogs for Chrome.

tab, chrome, dogs, wallpaper, images, personalized, facebook, dashboard, learn, retrievers, customize, page, join, custom, playlist

Search By MovixMuze Chrome extension download
Search By MovixMuze Search By MovixMuze

search, extension, find, movies, movixmuze, showtimes, terms, privacy, policy, www, http, trailers, movie, list, track

Spaces Chrome extension download
Spaces Small group sharing for everything in life

spaces, space, share, find, group, google, photos, chrome, invite, quickly, app, search, create, apps, quick

Fullscreen Anything Chrome extension download
Fullscreen Anything Maximizes images, videos, and games.

fullscreen, video, playing, games, press, continue, images, multi, window, free, click, feel, browser, tabcinema, button

Unsplash Instant Chrome extension download
Unsplash Instant Beautiful photos from Unsplash in your new tabs.

unsplash, photos, tab, instant, beautiful, chrome, download, https, twitter, facebook, faster, lighter, simplified, profile, interface

I'm a Gentleman Chrome extension download
I'm a Gentleman Save an image with one click or dragging it, or all the images in the page using the extension button.

extension, image, chrome, images, data, http, extensions, google, click, button, save, downloaded, page, dragging, work - Smart Bookmarks Chrome extension download - Smart Bookmarks A beautiful way to remember the most important things.

bookmarks, collections, share, public, pages, unique, family, find, rich, videos, friends, beautiful, feel, privately, colleagues

DInstagram Chrome extension download
DInstagram Download photos and videos from Instagram quickly and easily!

download, instagram, videos, photos, note, user, video, extension, contact, gabrieljmj, twitter, photo, mail, gamjj74, forca

EXIF Viewer Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Quick access to EXIF data of any image you view

exif, fixed, http, issue, css, support, breaking, image, information, issues, pdfs, details, pdf, camera, data

PhotoMania Chrome extension download
PhotoMania Create amazing effects and edit any online photo !

photomania, web, application, extension, photo, effects, chrome, online, exciting, selected, edit, photos, bring, websites, amazing

Image Size Info Chrome extension download
Image Size Info Inserts option in image context menu to view image width, height and file size.

v1, image, option, http, size, view, date, chrome, file, change, extension, version, log, info, website

My Cats New Tab Chrome extension download
My Cats New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy wallpaper images of cats and kittens with every new tab with My Cats for Chrome.

cats, tab, wallpaper, chrome, images, personalized, facebook, dashboard, customize, page, enjoy, join, custom, playlist, music

iCloud Chrome extension download
iCloud Connect to your iCloud Service!

connect, icloud, calendars, cloud, photos, apps, music, books, chrome, extension, contacts, access, service, store, devices

Fotor Extension Chrome extension download
Fotor Extension Grab images from web page and edit them in Fotor Photo Editor

photo, fotor, images, page, click, edit, collage, chrome, editing, web, extension, cards, shift, tilt, clip

I Can See You Chrome extension download
I Can See You See private photos of any facebook users without being friends

facebook, photos, user, profile, private, extension, show, friend, number, date, purchase, day, chrome, note, everytime

Open with Photoshop Chrome extension download
Open with Photoshop Open images with Adobe Photoshop with a quick right mouse button click.

host, photoshop, install, github, extension, source, adobe, chrome, sh, open, curl, inspired, messaging, untested, mouse

Grid Ruler Chrome extension download
Grid Ruler Create grids and measure their distance easily.

ruler, grids, vertical, horizontal, create, measure, shift, gt, key, straight, line, chrome, distance, extension, mode

Save Image to Downloads Chrome extension download
Save Image to Downloads Adds a right-click direct download item for images, like Safari.

download, image, item, safari, chrome, adds, extension, click, choose, save, downloads, quot, avoid, directory, missed

Image Viewer Chrome extension download
Image Viewer More than the default image viewer

image, viewer, extension, access, mouse, wheel, quot, move, notice, zoom, reset, click, double, alt, web

LocalGalleryViewerExtension Chrome extension download
LocalGalleryViewerExtension Allows opening local folders and show containing images in a gallery slideshow

local, images, extension, gallery, tab, controlpanel, chrome, superbgimage, jquery, chromecast, webpage, directory, folders, share, eberhard

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