Best Salesforce Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total salesforce plugins - 225
Salesforce inspector Chrome extension download
Salesforce inspector Productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

add metadata layout, productivity tools, standard salesforce ui, salesforce configuration development, inspect data, salesforce administrators, salesforce configuration, metadata layout, integration work, salesforce ui

findIT - Search for Salesforce Chrome extension download
findIT - Search for Salesforce Search Salesforce Accounts, Contacts and Leads via Chrome.

user guide, chrome address bar, first characters, don forget, search salesforce, salesforce credentials, press space, search salesforce records, search salesforce accounts, account contact

Salesforce Colored Favicons Chrome extension download
Salesforce Colored Favicons Updates the standard favicon on Salesforce tabs with colored versions to help differentiate between different organizations.

salesforce favicon, scratch orgs, every time, separate icons, colored versions, domains feature, includes separate icons, enhanced domains, lightning experiences, salesforce tabs, production sandbox, salesforce org, colored favicon, default salesforce favicon, random color, different organizations

Chrome Publisher for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Chrome Publisher for Salesforce Perform Salesforce's Publisher Actions natively in Chrome! No need to be on a page.

personal actions, com page, com apis, simply click, chatter actions, official salesforce project, send post poll, salesforce publisher actions, salesforce1 publisher, permissions explanation, alpha state, perform salesforce

Search in Salesforce NEW Chrome extension download
Search in Salesforce NEW Quickly search for highlighted text in Salesforce via right-click

highlighted text, new tab, quickly search, official salesforce, text, highlighting text, copy scrolling, global search bar, search, com product, salesforce, salesforce global search bar pasting, click tired, salesforce search

Emoji for Chatter Chrome extension download
Emoji for Chatter See and input emoji in Chatter!

text emojis, actively developed, emojis, official salesforce, official salesforce project, comment type, permissions explanation, image emojis, salesforce chatter, salesforce, replace text emojis, salesforce page, input emoji

Salesforce Id Paster LIGHTNING ENABLED Chrome extension download
Salesforce Id Paster LIGHTNING ENABLED Redirects the current Salesforce page via a keystroke to the page whose SFID is in your clipboard

use sf id paster, bars upper left, current salesforce page, sf page, exported file, salesforce id paster, sf id paster builds, id paster, valid sf page, sf id paster, sf id, hit ctl shift, exported salesforce, salesforce page

Chatter Monitor Chrome extension download
Chatter Monitor Use your Chatter account from your browser.

multiple chatter accounts, discuss info fronde, official salesforce extension, source code, salesforce extension, salesforce chatter, submit status updates, com chatter account, view posts, require adobe air, post chatter updates, salesforce web sessions

Salesforce Change Set Helper Chrome extension download
Salesforce Change Set Helper Enhances the Salesforce change set. Adds last changed date and allows sorting, searching, validation and comparison with other orgs.

download zip file, last changed date, fixed bug, salesforce change set, change set page, salesforce change, salesforce change sets, change set, whole change set, fixed bugs, metadata file, compare files content

Salesforce Zebra Striped Reports Chrome extension download
Salesforce Zebra Striped Reports Adds alternating colors and hover effects to rows in Salesforce tabular and summary reports.

summary reports, rows, adds alternating colors, extension adds alternating colors, colors, salesforce making, setup required, salesforce tabular, hover effects, salesforce, tabular

Salesforce MetaSearcher Chrome extension download
Salesforce MetaSearcher MetaSearcher can search salesforce metadata, records, debug logs quickly.

search salesforce metadata, save time, apex class visualforce page, salesforce metasearcher, class page, salesforce development productivity tool apex class visualforce page trigger workflow rule user profile debug, time improve, custom objects, apex class, salesforce developmentproductivity tool, search salesforce metadata records debug, visualforce page, debug logs

Boostr for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Boostr for Salesforce Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr! Current features include: - Ability to search when…

developer productivity, table header, apex test execution page, convert salesforce id, admin area, system overview, adding items, change set, additional system overview stats, salesforce id, setup area sidebar, api name

New Tab Page for Salesforce Chrome extension download
New Tab Page for Salesforce Search and access Salesforce and Chatter resources from your New Tab Page!

tab page, access salesforce, actively developed, google search bar, new tab page, recent records, access chrome, official salesforce project, chatter resources, permissions explanation, top sites, recent posts

Salesforce Data Exporter Chrome extension download
Salesforce Data Exporter One click export of salesforce data lists to csv file

leads accounts opportunities, click export, salesforce list view, list data, extension creates, salesforce data lists, csv file, objects standard, list view, export data, button export, salesforce data exporter

ORGanizer for Salesforce Chrome extension download
ORGanizer for Salesforce ORGanizer - The best Salesforce Extension ever

tab window, handle special links, url landing page, salesforce links, quick link tool, salesforce tab, full login url, quick access, recognize salesforce, org tab, quick console, execute anonymous, login url, username password login, quick console right, org quick link, salesforce extension, username password login url, quick link library, quick links tool

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard Chrome extension download
Enhance Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh and up to 7 Columns Salesforce Dashboard.

home page report, hide salesforce header, enhance salesforce dashboard, salesforce dashboard, refresh dashboards, com site supports, lightning dashboard refresh issue, salesforce dashboards, show dashboard components, dashboard columns, page dashboards, hide salesforce header issue, salesforce header, dashboard refresh, auto refresh issue, dashboard components, hide dashboard, page added, auto refresh, added support, empty footer space, refresh multiple home page dashboards, hide header, excellent chrome extension, new url format, support additional, columns salesforce dashboard

Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) Chrome extension download
Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) Adds hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to your salesforce record page. Example - CTRL + E for edit, CTRL + S for save and many more!

h h e, combo keys, ctrl alt, clicking edit, ly hotkeys feedback, edit record page, hotkeys bit, user record, edit ctrl, feedback bit, clicking save, official salesforce extension, salesforce extension, editing record, save record, h h, nonenglish salesforce users, salesforce users users, record detail page, salesforce record page

Salesforce Advanced Resource Searcher Chrome extension download
Salesforce Advanced Resource Searcher Quick Search resources in any salesforce org

salesforce org, quick search resources

Cirrus Insight Legacy Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight Legacy Cirrus Insight provides award-winning integration of Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.

gmail sync google calendar, gmail users, google contacts, cirrus insight, google calendar, salesforce track email opens, salesforce cirrus insight, information cirrus insight, sync google calendar salesforce, free 14day trial, credit card installs, manage customer, sales information, gmail google calendar, information cirrus insight shows, salesforce sync salesforce contacts, salesforce track email, complete twoway sync Enhanced Formula Editor Chrome extension download Enhanced Formula Editor Enhances Salesforce formulas with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, formatting, field analysis, and syntax checking.

license key subscription, latest formula functions, free 14day trial, salesforce formulas, formula field compile sizes, added button, added field, visit salesforce formula, field details, latest api, added support, support tab, font family dropdown, formulas formula fields, salesforce formula, functions latest api, salesforce formula edit page, field details button, validation rule formulas, formula field, bottom right corner, process builder formulas

I've a feeling we're not in a Sandbox anymore Chrome extension download
I've a feeling we're not in a Sandbox anymore Warns you that you are in a production instance of Salesforce with a noticable yellow banner

na1 eu1 ap1, salesforce page, yellow bar, production pod, salesforce developers, salesforce, utility places, utility places warning yellow bar, noticable yellow banner, production instance Quick Login As Chrome extension download Quick Login As Makes it easy to login as another user. Maintains the page currently being viewed.

user listing table, support tab, great idea, added filter textbox, main points, user listing page, custom salesforce domains, limited width, user listing, additional points, default columns, custom salesforce

Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema) Chrome extension download
Salesforce Tool Suite (Debug Logs, Schema) Build complex Salesforce SOQL rapidly, monitor debug logs, and launch without sharing your passwords from any Salesforce tab.

new dark theme option, salesforce api, schema explorer, users orgs, salesforce orgs fixed, multiple orgs, new reactive patternbased indexed db wrapper, salesforce schema, feature export multiple, schema explorer compare module, salesforce soql, multiple users, feature debug logs, avoid multiple duplicate exports, export export, logs feature, bugfix schema explorer, debug logs, throttle export click rate, understand processcode flow, export fixed, orgs users, logs feature fixed, schema explorer pagination issue, logs released, bugfix fixed, multiple salesforce orgs users, debug logs feature, update api, schema explorer boolean values, multiple salesforce fields

Lightning Linter Chrome Chrome extension download
Lightning Linter Chrome Exposes to Developer Console

problems tab, developer console, exposes lightning linter, lightning linter, lint endpoint, official salesforce, salesforce linter cli, salesforce linter, javascript controller helper, chome exposes, com product, exposes lightninglinter, extension checks

Salesforce Inbox Chrome extension download
Salesforce Inbox Sell Smarter with Salesforce Inbox

sales cloud, sell smarter, artificial intelligence, salesforce inbox, customer meetings, recommends followups, sales reps sell smarter, time selling, crm right, important opportunities, administrative tasks, salesforce inbox brings, cloud salesforceiq crm

Launch It ! - By OyeCode Chrome extension download
Launch It ! - By OyeCode Click to Launch Salesforce 1 Application.

com platform, toggle developer mode, new window check, salesforce platform, launch salesforce application, launch salesforce, oyecode cjpcmpioceijmelkgknddeiljogoakbl, window check, joshua birk, demo kalbgfbifcaigjnkgagbeimcflnaijmc, click launcher

Collabspot: Salesforce for Gmail Chrome extension download
Collabspot: Salesforce for Gmail Collabspot is a sales email platform that integrates Salesforce with Gmail.

avid email user, copy paste anything, manage tasks, new leads fall, timely sales information, complete customer profile, information collabspot, gmail users, salesforce users, manage customer, manage customer info, sales information, allowing users, view customers, opening salesforce, easy 15second setup, sales email, salesforce collabspot

Salesforce Schema Builder Expander Chrome extension download
Salesforce Schema Builder Expander Expands Salesforce schema builder to have more real estate to visualise

extension additionally hides, machine resources, schema, salesforce schema builder, sits quiet, schema builder, top header section, top header section giving, extra 12 inches, real estate, full screen mode, salesforce schema builder page

Cirrus Insight for Gmail Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight for Gmail Be free from CRM friction and wasted opportunities.

trivial crm tasks, salesforce including, mobile interface ensures, cirrus insight supports, many salesforce instances, customer meeting data, track email opens, personal scheduling pages, cloud data, salesforce sync calendar, wasted opportunities, calendar scheduling, next customer workflow

Engage for Gmail Chrome extension download
Engage for Gmail Track emails and insert templates in Gmail

classic gmail, pardot email templates, create support, track emails, new gmail ui, privacy policy, pull pardot email templates, existing gmail, salesforce engage engage, insert templates, classic gmail ui, salesforce engage, active salesforce engage license, salesforce engage license

Loginas - Login as your Salesforce Users Chrome extension download
Loginas - Login as your Salesforce Users Login as and add Debug Logs to your Salesforce users with an easy searchable interface removing the need to navigate the setup menu.

easy searchable interface, extension allows, twitter leboff, setup menu, large user bases, add debug logs, add debug log, salesforce users, add log, salesforce org, code cleanup, searchable column, nerdy code cleanup stuff, debug logs LOGINS Chrome extension download LOGINS Helps you manage Salesforce login credentials and lets you login with 1 click.

salesforce login credentials, manage multiple orgs, every time, login credentials, login information usrename password security, salesforce admin, entering username, login information, com login information, account information, manage salesforce login credentials

AddressTools extension Chrome extension download
AddressTools extension Automatically activates AddressTools on Salesforce pages

automatically activates addresstools, great provenworks experience, addresstools, winter, salesforce releases, salesforce pages

Avaya Communicator for Web Chrome extension download
Avaya Communicator for Web Avaya Communicator for Web

salesforce open, avaya ip office, ip office, realtime engagement tools, avaya onex portal, voice video presence instant messaging, office worker, avaya communicator, cloudbased business applications, salesforce enterprise, ip office select release, ip office server edition, worker office worker, salesforce open cti

One Click Salesforce Login Chrome extension download
One Click Salesforce Login Enables you to login in SalesForce ( with one click.

extension enables, force, salesforce, salesforce force, store multiple force, multiple force, enables, com credentials, login, com

Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce Export all Custom Settings from Salesforce To Excel in three clicks

chrome extension webstore, fetch custom settings, rajivashokbhatt csexposfdc, url bar, fetch custom settings button, available inspectoraodjmnfhjibkcdimpodiifdjnnncaafh, vertical scroll bar, excel button, custom settings, salesforce custom settings, custom setting, extension salesforce inspector, export custom settings

Salesforce Code Searcher Chrome extension download
Salesforce Code Searcher Salesforce Code Searcher

apex classes, give search box, salesforce plugin, apex classes visual force pages apex triggers, apex triggers, query data, salesforce code searcher, forcetk client, visual force pages, email templates, session id

Lead411 Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Lead411 Chrome Extension Lead411's Chrome Extension is built to give you access to more sales intelligence, data, and triggers while browsing social…

salesforce integration, company websites, browsing social profiles company, sales intelligence data, social profiles, quickly export clean, salesforce subscription, lead411 subscription, browsing social, salesforce, sales intelligence

Ebsta For Salesforce Chrome extension download
Ebsta For Salesforce Ebsta for Salesforce in Google Chrome.

supports contacts, ebsta email, email sync, including emails, sync emails, cadences send, automatic email sync feature, websites including, supports custom objects, ebsta works, salesforce email templates, websites including zoominfo, salesforce email, gmail send, automatically sync emails, advanced twoway google, salesforce calendar sync, google calendar, supports custom, supports multiple calendars

Export To CRM Chrome extension download
Export To CRM Export LinkedIn profiles to CRM contacts in one click.

export profiles, profiles whats, export linkedin, linkedins search, leads contacts, contact lead description, export linkedin profiles, allow sales reps, contacts leads, merge linkedin profile info, salesforce lightning ui support, browser toolbar icon, linkedin profiles, linkedin profile, salesforce lightning ui, salesforce leads, lightning ui whats, salesforce contact, file size optimizations, custom domain login, contact data, export linkedin profile, preview linkedin profiles, crm contacts, zoominfo data sync

Gmail email templates & newsletters Chrome extension download
Gmail email templates & newsletters Start creating, sending, and tracking responsive HTML email templates from your Gmail inbox.

merge salesforce email, performing subject, sales software, professionallydesigned email templates, email templates, communications software, draganddrop email template builder, rate open, open rate, salesforce email integration, salesforce email templates, tracking responsive html email templates, email template builder, email tracking email, email tracking, salesforce email, sales templates, responsive html emails, gmail inbox, responsive html email templates, sales email tracking, powerful internal communications software, full salesforce email integration

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Extension Chrome extension download
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Extension This extension adds cool features to Salesforce Marketing Cloud interface

inserting code blocks, code editor, builder support, amp script support, added ga account, content editor, added audience builder support, email edit page, salesforce marketing cloud interface, syntax error warning, chrome extension replaces, salesforce marketing, disabled content editor

Salesforce Admin Check All Chrome extension download
Salesforce Admin Check All This extension provides 'check all' checkboxes on admin pages.

object permissions, various checkbox lists, field history, admin pages, object settings page, salesforce admin check, checkbox lists, salesforce setup pages, field permissions lists, enhanced functionality, extension requires, enhanced profile

Salesforce DevTools Chrome extension download
Salesforce DevTools Powerful Salesforce developer tools, includes Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and others.

exporting objects definition, exporting objects, powerful salesforce developer chrome extension, salesforce object detail page, added feature, mass clone custom fields, feature object, object fields, added query, feature exporting object, exporting objects fields definition, fields definition erds page, soql exporting query, salesforce object, exporting object page, added support, apex code soql, exporting query, exporting objects page, added features, powerful salesforce developer tools, debug log viewer ux, field permission edit page, exporting object definition, apex debug log viewer Email Finder and Open Tracker Chrome extension download Email Finder and Open Tracker Find Email Addresses & Mobile Numbers While Researching on the Web

contact details, gmail click, linkedin sales navigator, extract contact details, people open, crm build lists, email open, find contact details, salesforce email, receive leadsmonth forever, reveal additional research, salesforce email logging, ideal customer profile, linkedin email, linkedin profile, datafirst engagement platform, linkedin gmail salesforce, find email

Copy2Contact for Extension Chrome extension download
Copy2Contact for Extension This extension links the Copy2Contact program with your browser for use with

extension links, use, browser, copy2contact program, salesforce, com

Salesforce Searchbox Chrome extension download
Salesforce Searchbox A simple search box on top of all configuration items of salesforce setup items.

every time, salesforce setup items, creating views, siddharth nagavarapu, enough time, simple search box, basic regex searches, press enter, basic regex, plugin supports, configuration items

Apex Debugger Chrome extension download
Apex Debugger Debug Salesforce apex code with ease

press shiftw, sobject list, validation rule e, respective object page, current user, configure keyboard shortcuts, improved debug logs, respective object page class trigger, add current user, debug salesforce apex, configure keyboard, salesforce page, debug salesforce apex code, debug logs Chrome extension download Make Gmail your competitive advantage.

accurate tracking, gmail, salesforce crm integration, stage mail, salesforce crm integration, vocus, meeting coordination, competitive advantage, gmail helping, scheduling send, io brings, multistage mail merge, automated followups

Yesware for Chrome Chrome extension download
Yesware for Chrome All-in-one toolkit for sales professionals. Everything you need to prospect, schedule meetings and follow up.

use data, drive revenue growth, com trust yesware, salesforce reporting, edit salesforce records, time activity, meeting links, instant reporting visuals, use email templates, realtime activity feed, world class sales organizations, schedule meetings

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