Best Salesforce Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total salesforce plugins - 36
Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker Puts a timer into any web tool and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account

toggl, time, button, google, timer, tracking, productivity, calendar, github, io, salesforce, online, web, extension, basecamp

Cirrus Insight Legacy Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight Legacy Cirrus Insight provides award-winning integration of Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.

salesforce, insight, gmail, cirrus, track, users, contacts, customers, events, google, information, customer, leads, email, sales

Sales Prospecting - Datanyze Insider Chrome extension download
Sales Prospecting - Datanyze Insider One tool to research accounts, build prospect lists and find email addresses. Integrates with CRM and sales communication platforms.

version, popup, support, live, added, search, email, insider, sales, salesforce, datanyze, bubble, mobile, indicator, window

Salesforce Inbox Chrome extension download
Salesforce Inbox Sell Smarter with Salesforce Inbox

inbox, reps, sales, cloud, smarter, sell, crm, insights, opportunities, customer, important, meetings, emails, ups, salesforce

Ebsta For Salesforce Chrome extension download
Ebsta For Salesforce Ebsta for Salesforce in Google Chrome.

salesforce, page, ebsta, extension, appexchange, required, integration, free, records, sfdc, manage, sized, tasks, pocket, chatter

ToutApp for Chrome Chrome extension download
ToutApp for Chrome ToutApp for Chrome works with Gmail and Salesforce to help sales professionals quickly interact with prospects.

email, sales, quot, tracking, tout, toutapp, salesforce, templates, works, professionals, crm, time, gmail, prospects, click

Export To CRM Chrome extension download
Export To CRM Export LinkedIn profiles to CRM contacts in one click.

export, linkedin, contacts, salesforce, profiles, lead, time, leads, contact, data, crm, support, sales, description, profile

ContactMonkey Email Analytics for Gmail Chrome extension download
ContactMonkey Email Analytics for Gmail ContactMonkey tracks email opens and link clicks and bring in your inbox. * Email Tracking - Know exactly when,…

salesforce, email, emails, time, link, gmail, contactmonkey, inbox, open, tracking, bring, making, outbound, money, great

Taco Chrome extension download
Taco See your tasks from 40+ other services on Chrome's new tab page. Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, Gmail, OmniFocus, Trello, Zendesk, more.

tasks, taco, services, site, tacoapp, zendesk, extension, chrome, trello, basecamp, tab, omnifocus, task, gmail, hide

Salesforce Navigator Chrome extension download
Salesforce Navigator This extension helps you get to any salesforce page quickly. Just type in what you need to do. * 0.8.3 * various little bug fixes…

list, setup, ctrl, page, navigator, type, added, koenwesselman, support, quot, stuff, create, object, bug, login for Gmail Chrome extension download for Gmail Set FollowUp reminders from your inbox. Powerful tools for open tracking, scheduling email and snoozing messages.

email, cc, followup, manage, reminders, sales, set, client, data, schedule, open, tracking, business, emails, simple

Salesforce advanced Code searcher Chrome extension download
Salesforce advanced Code searcher By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code

code, search, added, salesforce, update, section, pages, extension, quick, components, firefox, advanced, string, component, find

Salesforce API Fieldnames Chrome extension download
Salesforce API Fieldnames Extension shows the API field names on detail pages

api, names, extension, github, detail, salesforce, field, dnakov, contribute, complain, removed, show, displayed, wrong, package

Cirrus Insight Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight Sync Your Calendar & Emails with Salesforce, Book Meetings, Set Follow-ups & More

salesforce, email, calendar, insight, cirrus, sync, sales, ll, custom, schedule, follow, relate, inbox, ups, emails

SalesLoft Connect Chrome extension download
SalesLoft Connect SalesLoft Connect enables users to more easily track communication and add people to workflows using and Gmail.

salesforce, salesloft, email, cadence, connect, link, track, push, gmail, users, click, simplicity, ease, window, templates

Salesforce inspector Chrome extension download
Salesforce inspector Productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

salesforce, metadata, extension, productivity, ui, chrome, development, configuration, work, inspector, layout, inspect, developers, administrators, joy

Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome extension download
Salesforce Lightning Inspector For inspecting Lightning apps

component, components, lightning, event, inspector, navigate, update, helpful, inspect, view, bug, extension, show, salesforce, tree

Lead Intelligence by Lead411 Chrome extension download
Lead Intelligence by Lead411 Search and find business prospects as you browse and search the web.Sign up at

crm, part, sales, lead411, company, prospects, salesforce, search, io, find, linkedin, intel, data, phone, gmail Quick Login As Chrome extension download Quick Login As Makes it easy to login as another user. Maintains the page currently being viewed.

user, page, popup, login, listing, default, works, users, points, tab, shown, salesforce, columns, extension, view

S1 Demo Chrome extension download
S1 Demo Opens Salesforce1 Mobile in a new phone-sized window.

salesforce1, phone, instance, extension, window, mobile, icon, browser, enabled, org, level, chrome, update, salesforce, roughly

Capture! Chrome extension download
Capture! Capture leads anywhere - on a page, on company website, in search results - and import easily into CRM systems such as Salesforce

crm, capture, easily, import, page, systems, results, company, search, leads, dynamics, find, applicant, web, prospects

Salesforce Admin Check All Chrome extension download
Salesforce Admin Check All This extension provides 'check all' checkboxes on admin pages.

extension, setup, check, page, checkbox, enhanced, checkboxes, field, object, lists, functionality, pages, salesforce, admin, profile

DocSend Extension for Chrome Chrome extension download
DocSend Extension for Chrome Quickly create links to any of your DocSend documents right inside Gmail.

docsend, create, document, link, send, documents, links, extension, salesforce, chrome, integration, quickly, content, button, control

Salesforce Colored Favicons Chrome extension download
Salesforce Colored Favicons Overrides the standard salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org. Also, displays a separate icon for sandbox instances.

icon, colored, salesforce, based, instances, supports, separate, extension, overrides, standard, chrome, favicons, cloud, favicon, experience

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard Chrome extension download
Enhance Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh and up to 7 Columns Salesforce Dashboard.

salesforce, dashboard, refresh, donation, columns, extension, dashboards, auto, components, monetary, making, information, options, set, choice

RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce Chrome extension download
RingDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce Connect with more leads, have more successful sales conversations, and win more deals.

sales, salesforce, ringdna, calls, call, reps, time, connect, leads, inbound, teams, phone, cti, gain, numbers

Chatter Monitor Chrome extension download
Chatter Monitor Use your Chatter account from your browser.

chatter, extension, salesforce, posts, users, time, chrome, permissions, updates, great, view, post, browser, air, installed

Profile Comparator for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Profile Comparator for Salesforce Compare User Profiles in Salesforce

profile, extension, differences, settings, quot, page, user, org, salesforce, access, setting, section, permissions, target, custom

Boostr for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Boostr for Salesforce Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr! Current features include: - Ability to search when…

field, set, items, page, adding, admin, boostr, area, fields, mattsimonis, api, ability, creating, uncheck, feedback

Salesforce Developer Tool Suite Chrome extension download
Salesforce Developer Tool Suite Suite of tools like Debug log viewer, which loads without any authentication or ask for user name or password.

debug, logs, code, users, extension, suite, salesforce, view, cases, authentication, test, logging, loads, coverage, anonymous

Datananas - B2B Prospects List Builder Chrome extension download
Datananas - B2B Prospects List Builder Create targeted lists of B2B prospects from professional social networks

prospects, clic, b2b, chrome, social, create, numbers, automatically, corporate, nominative, datananas, sugarcrm, targeted, email, crm

Engage for Gmail Chrome extension download
Engage for Gmail Track emails and insert templates in Gmail

engage, gmail, pardot, salesforce, http, templates, emails, license, track, support, create, issues, confirmed, existing, portal

Paydirt Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Paydirt Time Tracker Track your time anywhere on web with Paydirt, the time tracker that automatically determines which client you're working for.

client, google, time, keywords, paydirt, gmail, trello, basecamp, track, wordpress, twitter, website, tracker, web, clients

Apex Debugger Chrome extension download
Apex Debugger Debug Salesforce apex code with ease

debug, logs, salesforce, improved, user, class, log, apex, add, current, jobs, trigger, batches, free, speech

Salesforce Logins by Synebo Chrome extension download
Salesforce Logins by Synebo Salesforce login management extension for users by Synebo

login, credentials, storage, management, chrome, token, app, export, code, incognito, security, account, features, extension, salesforce

Salesforce Searchbox Chrome extension download
Salesforce Searchbox A simple search box on top of all configuration items of salesforce setup items.

search, quot, siddharatha, items, pressing, extension, configuration, linked, siddharth, nagavarapu, link, time, salesforce, simple, www

Avaya Communicator for Web Chrome extension download
Avaya Communicator for Web Avaya Communicator for Web

office, avaya, salesforce, communicator, communicate, ip, web, worker, enterprise, open, works, messaging, conferencing, instant, presence

Sales Search Chrome extension download
Sales Search Highlight, right click and select to search

search, menu, options, sales, click, language, google, choose, english, highlight, tool, chrome, gmail, salesforce, text

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce Compare Record data values and object metadata in Salesforce

extension, record, salesforce, org, metadata, object, chrome, fields, differences, quot, code, compare, values, webstore, data

AddressTools extension Chrome extension download
AddressTools extension Automatically activates AddressTools on Salesforce pages

addresstools, salesforce, extension, provenworks, great, pagesgives, activates, automatically, experience, chrome, winter, releases

Emoji for Chatter Chrome extension download
Emoji for Chatter See and input emoji in Chatter!

salesforce, emojis, extension, emoji, functionality, comment, type, text, actively, developed, gt, chatter, chrome, input, post

Search in Salesforce NEW Chrome extension download
Search in Salesforce NEW Quickly search for highlighted text in Salesforce via right-click

salesforce, search, text, click, users, highlighted, na1, results, work, scrolling, pasting, clicking, copy, global, chrome

gUnify Salesforce Connector AI Chrome extension download
gUnify Salesforce Connector AI A cloud-based solution for Salesforce users who's hosted VOIP provider runs on the BroadWorks platform.

call, salesforce, calls, chrome, gunify, voip, pop, background, users, account, screen, contacts, ai, provider, extension

Salesforce Debug Logs Analyzer Chrome extension download
Salesforce Debug Logs Analyzer Provides filtering capability for Salesforce Debug logs

logs, log, extension, debug, text, click, filtering, salesforce, original, display, type, box, drop, enter, chrome

ZynBit for Gmail  Chrome extension download
ZynBit for Gmail Say goodbye to data entry! ZynBit brings Salesforce to your Gmail inbox. Easily sync, create and edit Salesforce records.

email, salesforce, website, data, zynbit, personal, zynbox, gmail, insights, inbox, managed, create, customer, analytics, activities

SAASPASS | Single Sign On 2FA Authenticator Chrome extension download
SAASPASS | Single Sign On 2FA Authenticator SAASPASS | The Single Sign-On extension allows SSO login to your two-factor authentication Authenticator services with zero steps.

google, login, saaspass, authenticator, passwords, app, extension, proximity, device, secure, authentication, net, unlock, services, computers

Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) Chrome extension download
Salesforce Hotkeys (Beta) Adds hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to your salesforce record page. Example - CTRL + E for edit, CTRL + S for save and many more!

hotkeys, salesforce, record, ctrl, extension, bit, edit, user, page, save, combo, keys, similar, clicking, users

Truly Wireless for Chrome Chrome extension download
Truly Wireless for Chrome Truly Wireless

call, cell, phone, chrome, shows, customer, screenpop, relevant, gmail, zendesk, wireless, salesforce, record, apps, click

Splashtop Collaborative Browser Chrome extension download
Splashtop Collaborative Browser This Chrome app allows you to view a browser session shared by someone else using Splashtop Collaborative Browser.

app, browser, webapps, friends, customers, ipad, collaborate, browse, session, access, real, support, time, splashtop, instantly

salesforce-tool Chrome extension download
salesforce-tool Clear all debug logs.

quot, add, debug, logs, search, delete, user, button, demo, coverage, item, selected, screencast, apexclass, view

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