Best Screenshot Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total screenshot plugins - 199
Lightshot (screenshot tool) Chrome extension download
Lightshot (screenshot tool) Simple and convenient screenshot tool. Select an area, edit your screenshot and upload it to the server.

similar screenshots, mail support skillbrains, light weight, lightshot displays notification, privacy policy, copy screenshot, edit screenshot, bug reports, extension permissions, nothing useless, upload screenshot, save screenshot, history chrome adds, convenient screenshot tool, request tabs manipulation permission

Webpage Screenshot Free Chrome extension download
Webpage Screenshot Free Awesome high quality screenshots of any webpage. Like no other extension, it is elegant and simple to use. It just works!

full page, awesome high quality screenshots, elegant, crop highlight, paint save local, screenshot editor crop, share online, high quality screenshots, actively maintained, screenshot desktop screenshot, screenshot screenshot, webpage

Screenshot Capture Chrome extension download
Screenshot Capture Screenshot Capture

unique screenshot datetime file name, extension button, data url string, screenshot size, copy screenshot, configurable keyboard shortcut, downloading switch, downscale screenshot size, keyboard shortcut, save screenshot, jpg file, configurable keyboard, jpg file format, screenshot capture, default download location

Symu Screenshot&Crop Chrome extension download
Symu Screenshot&Crop Symu Screenshot&Crop allows to upload screenshot or a local file directly to Extenstion contains also a cropping tool.

easy way, gather input, screenshot tool, symu screenshot crop allows, extenstion contains, upload screenshot, awsome screenshot tool, symu screenshot, use tool, local file

Make a Screenshot Chrome extension download
Make a Screenshot Easy one click screenshot. The screenshot comes in a new tab.

click screenshot, easy tool, screenshot, new tab, screenshot extension, click, snapshot tool, screenshot icon, visit website click

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder The best screen recorder and screen capture & screenshot tool to record screen.

save recordings, screen capture screenshot, local screen recorder, screen recorder, screen capture, specific application window, part entire screen, awesome screen recorder screenshot, awesome screenshot account, download screenshot, save share screenshot, local image, local screen recorder cloud screen recorder, capture screenshot, screenshot screen capture screen recorder, quick customer support, choose awesome screen recorder screenshot, capture tab, screenshot screen capture screen recorder, annotate screenshot, awesome screenshot, screenshot web pages, entire screen, screen recordings, save screenshot, selected area, share recordings, choose video dimensions, share recording video

Fast Screenshot Chrome extension download
Fast Screenshot Take a screenshot

website viewport, quick screenshot, screenshot

Save the trees (print & screenshot) Chrome extension download
Save the trees (print & screenshot) Print of only what matters! Make quick selections on a page and print!

relevant sections, printtake screenshot, quick selections, potential bugs, web page, save ink, minor bugfixes, fixed version, version screenshot functionnality disabled, screenshot functionnality, facebook uploads version

Screenshot reader Chrome extension download
Screenshot reader Screenshot reading support for Read&Write for Google Chrome™

screenshot reading support, google chrome, new screenshot reading functionality, ocr, install, write, screenshot reading functionality released, read write, users

Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot! Chrome extension download
Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot! Since 2015 The most popular tool for your day to day. Whole page screenshot, sharing and much more.

entire page, popular tool, page screenshot, user data, horizontal content, sensitive data, visible area, image data, entire page screenshot, google google, send captured image, share unlimited, whole page screenshot, editor page, extension doesn, evernote web clipper

AEM Developer Chrome extension download
AEM Developer Tools for AEM developers.

delete info provide information, current chrome, info provide information, impersonate impersonate users, touch ui view, png toggle, screenshot images screenshot environments, screenshot images screenshot, general info , daily aem developer work, green response means, impersonate screenshot images screenshot impersonate, ui toggle content finder, png environments open, open links, new chrome tab, chrome chrome, current page, info screenshot images screenshot info, png impersonate impersonate

Page2Images Pin Full Page (PInterest) Chrome extension download
Page2Images Pin Full Page (PInterest) It will take the current browser page, snapshot it and send to Pinterest as a new pin. give the best and real emulator.

page snapshot, api document, page2images website screenshot, website screenshot online demo convert html, current browser page, page screenshot, screenshot online demo b, entire page screenshot, api document support, real emulator, image online demo, current page, website screenshot b, website screenshot convert html

Element Screenshot Chrome extension download
Element Screenshot Take screenshot of any HTML element on a webpage.

url bar hover, element, url bar, screenshot, bug fixed version, camera icon, html element, maintained anymore capture, element screenshot, originally developed

Screen capture, screenshot share/save Chrome extension download
Screen capture, screenshot share/save Capture a region, visible content of a tab, or a horizontally/vertically scrollable page as a searchable image & bookmark it.

chrome browsers version, great research clippings, screen capture share, tumblr youtube, google street view screenshot, camera collection tool, view screenshot, screen capture, easy clipular, clipular chrome extension, facebook tumblr, market research tool, searchable image bookmark, dynamic stock graph screenshot, craigslist post screenshot

wmap Chrome extension download
wmap wmap is a mass web screenshot tool for mapping web networks.

web infrastructure, web screenshot tool, mapping web networks, mass web, screenshot tool, nmap scan data, visual map, web networks, screenshot report, large web networks, web services

YaCash screenshot uploader Chrome extension download
YaCash screenshot uploader's screenshot application

liberty reserve, websites filling, many offers, top payment options, top payment options including paypal payza liberty reserve, earn cool rewards, yacashs screenshot extension, screenshot application, offers giving, com, screenshot extension allows, yacash

Awesome Screenshot Minus Chrome extension download
Awesome Screenshot Minus Awesome Screenshot Minus all the junk

original awesome screenshot extension, touch screen support, original awesome screenshot, touch screen, use touch screen, user privacy violations, awesome screenshot, user privacy, desktop capture, awesome screenshot minus, please use github Image and Screenshot Uploader Chrome extension download Image and Screenshot Uploader Upload images and screenshots to the free image hosting service.

screen capture uploaded, extension api changes, simple extension thatll, screenshot upload method, screenshot upload, select upload, changed upload, image hosting service, screenshot uploads, screen capture, change log, image select phota, browser window, extension icon

Screenshot & Screen Recorder w/ Webcam-Droplr Chrome extension download
Screenshot & Screen Recorder w/ Webcam-Droplr The Easiest All-In-One Screenshot & Screen Recorder

toprated chrome app, optional webcam, lines circles, capture part, full webpage, hd video, add shapes, screenshot screen, screen recorder, link saved, allinone screenshot screen recorder, screen recording, personal droplr cloud account, adding text

Grabilla Screenshot Chrome extension download
Grabilla Screenshot Capture screenshot of web page, full page or capture HTML!

links images, grabilla web capture changelog, free screen capture application, context menu, upload images, capture screenshot, small bug fixes, web pages, click menu, collect usage statistics, web capture extension, image capture, grabilla capture history, entire web page, grabilla web capture, page screenshot capture, screenshot capture, please note, added context menu, web page, grabilla capture, unlimited captures history

fulmo Chrome extension download
fulmo Easy ticket creation with an annotated screenshot.

supports trac, easy ticket creation, screenshot, annotated screenshot, mantisbt bugzilla jira, redmine, issue, org wiki xmlrpcplugin, send, issue tracking, plan

Alice Keeler QuickShare Screenshot Chrome extension download
Alice Keeler QuickShare Screenshot Save your screenshots instantly to Google Drive. A link to the screenshot is saved to your clipboard allowing you to quickly share.

quickshare folder, quickshare screenshot allows, quickly give feedback, quickly share, screenshots instantly, give students feedback, google classroom, sensitive student data, google drive, quickshare screenshot, private comments, onetime thing, give students

Screenshot Webpages Chrome extension download
Screenshot Webpages Hands down, the best way to save and share screen captures of webpages

share screen captures, use extension, web page, blackout others, camera icon, share screen, certain areas, capture click, screenshots download, select different screenshot options, tool allows, additional security

Webpad Chrome extension download
Webpad Webpad - быстрые заметки.

piece, screenshot, text, webpad, development, save screenshot, allows, page, quickly write piece

atomshot Chrome extension download
atomshot This extension takes a screenshot.

chromium browsers, browsers include, special screenshot, create screenshots, screenshot recording time, web page, chromium browser, recording time, web browser, server obtains, special time server, date time, exact time, ttger rechtsanw lte, special screenshot tool, opensource web browser project, brave microsoft

Pokemap Portugal Chrome extension download
Pokemap Portugal Find the Pokemons near you. Many cityes available and many exclusive features.

pokemon company, service policy, legal pokemon, many exclusive features, rare pokemon, screenshot map screenshot, exact location, dont let, privacy policy terms, many cityes, independent project

Joxi Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Joxi Full Page Screen Capture Rapid application screenshots in your browser! With page scrolling!

rapid application screenshots, google chrome lets, span multiple screens, entire page, google chrome toolbar icon, screenshots long web pages, instant screenshot web page, long pages, fast application screenshots, google chrome, deploy cloud storage screenshots, screenshot web page, ready screenshot single click, social networks

Web Developer Tools Chrome extension download
Web Developer Tools Very fast and elegant tool for web developers or for anyone who wants to better explore favorite websites.

color picker, ruler ruler allows, current website, zoom tool, leftclicking color picker saves, current color, personal webpage screenshot, exact current color, context menu, actual site buttons, color picker shows, crop tool, webpage screenshot, ruler ruler, create screenshot, friendly crop tool

share Game Screenshot Chrome extension download
share Game Screenshot User on game website can share game screenshot to their friends with comments icon.

game website, share game screenshot, friends, comments icon, user

Chirp for Twitter Chrome extension download
Chirp for Twitter Screenshot and tweet articles in one click, see Twitter conversations right on the page.

twitter conversations, tweet articles, screenshot, twitter, click, follow link, highlight, page, highlight screenshot, main tweet

Screenshot Search Chrome extension download
Screenshot Search This extension will help you to search your screenshots, easily with just few steps.

1 print screen, details visit, print screen, 2 crop, google search results page, screenshots easily, please rate, search, screenshot search extension, 3 press enter

3D Screenshot Chrome extension download
3D Screenshot Take a 3D screenshot of any website!

render including images, takes simple, file size, html5 canvas technology, screenshot, file chrome, website http, much faster, file types, smaller file size, chrome pages, new update

Highlight Keywords for Google Search Chrome extension download
Highlight Keywords for Google Search This extension highlights the Google search keywords in web pages.

term world, instantly find, screenshot shows, google search keywords, relevant parts, screenshot points, enable disable, world peace, web pages, extension highlights, wikipedia result

Full Page Screenshot Chrome extension download
Full Page Screenshot Take awesome screenshots of entire websites and capture page elements. No sign up. Offline. By Conceptboard

full page screenshot, google chrome captures, local files, capture pages, user data screenshots, capture page elements, page screenshot, entire websites, png files, captures offline, captures entire websites, user captures, custom areas, sticky headers, capture page, user device, data storage

Sharpr Screenshots Chrome extension download
Sharpr Screenshots Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate screenshot, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share.

oneclick upload, submit content, annotate screenshot, sensitive info, window, current window, whole page, capture content, capturing charts graphs, portion annotate screenshot blur sensitive info

Feedly Checker Chrome extension download
Feedly Checker Feedly Checker is a Chrome app that adds a toolbar icon with a dropdown menu to notify you about unread items in your feedly account

gnome shell extension changelogs, option button, menu unread counter, notifications popups showing, feedly website unread articles counter, dropdown menu, menu youll, separate option page, new option, change button icon, screenshot drop, notification windows, counter showing, os youll, unread articles, button behavior, notification popups, option page, screenshot unread counter, screenshot windows popups, rich notification stack clearing, button behavior option wasnt, button extension, os screenshot option, feedly website

3C-Capture Crop Create Chrome extension download
3C-Capture Crop Create Capture parts of a page or entire sites and then edit and share your image!

added share, light weight screenshot tool, screen capture parts, virtex edge logo, screenshot tool allowing, adjustable crop resizer, google web, imgur redirect url, added changelog file, capture parts, google web store

RemoteMeeting ScreenShare & ScreenShot Chrome extension download
RemoteMeeting ScreenShare & ScreenShot ScreenShare & ScreenShot utility for RemoteMeeting

screenshare screenshot utility, screenshot utility, remotemeeting screen share, screenshare, screen share

ScreenShot Link Chrome extension download
ScreenShot Link Application for creating screenshots and instant uploading them to the server

screenshotlink application designed, new tab, instant uploading, selection screen, open screenshotlink image, creating screenshots screen capture, browser page, screen capture, whole page, creating screenshots, save screenshot, image editor

Standardized Screenshot Chrome extension download
Standardized Screenshot Takes standardized screenshots.

current tab, macosish title bar, add drop shadow, popup frame, takes standardized screenshots, opinionated screen capture extension, page screen capture chrome extension, add, add macos ish title, capture, screenshots, screen capture extension, github martin screenshot chrome

Wepware - Capture & Share Live Content Chrome extension download
Wepware - Capture & Share Live Content Grab live snapshots of anything on the internet, organize your collected content into folders and share with friends through SNS.

collected content, quick product portfolios, quick start inquiry, interactive reference grab board, internet organize, wepware account organize, collected contents, capture organize share, various topics manage, wepware account, grab web content, com facebook page, screenshot snapshot cloud sns crop bookmark clip tool, sns, capture screenshot, create quick, browsing page

Voila Web Screenshot Chrome extension download
Voila Web Screenshot Capture webpages in a variety of ways from within your browser!

intuitive way, elements offering complete freedom, full page, web screenshot extension, web pages, capturing web pages, entire web page, selection capture, web page, elements capture select, individual object elements, voila web, selection full page, full page capture, capture webpages, capture individual

MTG Finder Chrome extension download
MTG Finder Displays a popup with the cards found by several Magic The Gathering Websites matching highlighted words in the current tab

wizards database screenshot, searches cards, search screenshot, russian charset card names, search shows, search card, searches work, magic card market, famous trade site, apathy house search shows, current chrome tab, wizards search displays, english card names, updated cards description, magic card market searches, card names, magic card

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Chrome extension download
Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts - record video from your screen.

capture screenshots, share online screenshots, capture edit, video screen, another active program, video recorder screen premium, screen capture, privacy compliance organization, video recorder, video recorder premium, video premium, upload video, family education rights privacy act, record video, background color change, record video screen, entire browser window, edit screenshots, screencasts record video screen, video recorder screen, powerful image editor, screenshot screen, screenshot capture, powerful capture editor combination, screencast record, screenshots capture, screencast recorder webcam feature, screencast recorder, video recorder screen recorder, online privacy, share screencasts, record screencasts record video, capture editor

Yodiz Grab - Screenshot Capture & Annotate Chrome extension download
Yodiz Grab - Screenshot Capture & Annotate Capture screenshot of web pages, annotate and add as attachment to items at Yodiz.

web page portion, capture screenshots, capture page, agile scrum project management tool, agile scrum tool features, entire web page, web page, annotate screenshots, area select, browser area, agile scrum, whole page, browser extension, capture page region, capture screenshot, web pages, agile scrum tool, annotated screenshots locally

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

bugfixes including, capture chrome extension, 20200720 updated project name, fixed permissions issue, fixed issue, 20200715 pdf export supports landscape, page screenshot, capture screenshot, 20191126 welcome info page, 20210317 fixed date localization issue , extension capture, issues including, pages including, fixed capture, issue pdf, bug fix, fix issue, bugfixes including issue, issues including fix, page bugfixes, scroll issues, fixed issues, original open source project, 20180227 new advanced scrolling algorithm, 20180131 new customer support feature, capture page, high pixel ratio displays

Screenshot Extension Chrome extension download
Screenshot Extension Screen capture your current page to save or share it.

picture, current page, screen shot, screen capture, share

Web Page Photo Chrome extension download
Web Page Photo Makes a photo for full web page screen. Has a convenient control menu and photo gallery of made screenshots.

interface design, web page photo, screenshot screen capture, full page screen capture, current web page, full page screen capture capture, capture full, full screen web, full screen, photo gallery, capture screenshot, full web page screen, alt shift p, entire web page, nice retro interface design, web page photo extension, current browser, current page, full screen web pages, capture page

TrackMyPeers Chrome extension download
TrackMyPeers Target your peers easily

peers easily, fix bugs, report bugs, send features requests, example screenshot, github link, another must, console update, every minutes, details panel

Tab Roulette Chrome extension download
Tab Roulette Tab slideshow plugin - Awesome for in-office dashboards!

don blame, something catches, rough edges, tab slideshow plugin, plugin awesome, options dialog, ll cycle, evening project, screenshot making, inoffice dashboards, option page

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