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Trelabels for Trello chrome extension

Trelabels for Trello Google chrome Extension overview

Trelabels for Trello chrome extension is Change the labels style on Trello boards..

This extension adds a button to change the labels style on any Trello board.

Features - 5 styles available (including Trellos default) - Persistent settings - Compatible with all other Trello extensions (like CardCounter for Trello, Scrum for Trello, Trellists, Plus for Trello, etc) Styles - Default : the default trello style without label names.

- Tags : similar to the Trello style but with label names.

- Lines : full width lines with label names.

- Stickers : small circles without label names.

- Tabs : very small tabs without label names.

SUPPORT CHANGELOG - 2015-12-15 Adapt to Trello changes - 2015-11-18 small fixes - 2015-11-17 Optimizations & fixes - 2015-11-13 label styles - 2015-06-19 label design - 2015-03-24 default display - 2015-03-03 persistent settings - 2015-03-03 Fix for Trello changes

Trelabels for Trello Chrome extension Download

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