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Website Blocker (Beta) Google Chrome Extension Download

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Website Blocker (Beta) chrome extension

Website Blocker (Beta) Google chrome Extension overview

Website Blocker (Beta) chrome extension is Website Blocker is useful when you want to concentrate on work..

Website Blocker is useful when you want to concentrate on work.

Setting Example: --------------------------------------------------------------- (facebook|twitter|hootsuite).com 0930-1259,1300-1530 (www|b) 1000-1259 --------------------------------------------------------------- Above and below is the same meaning.

--------------------------------------------------------------- Cant access to and and until 12:59 from 9:30 and until 15:30 from 13:00.

Cant access to and until 10:00 from 12:59.

Cant access to --------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Block the URL including the specified character string.

Block only between the specified time.

You can change the warning message.

You can switch ON/OFF of each function.

About Incognito window: 1.

Open an Incognito window.


Open an extension manager on Incognito window.


Check an Allow in incognito of Website Blocker Is there a way to hide the toolbar icon: Yes, you must be right click on hide the toolbar icon.

There is ""Hide button"".

Change Log: 0.2.3 - Translated to Korean.

Special Thanks: Jihyun Won 0.2.2 - Translated to Turkish.

Special Thanks: Muhammed Ali Efe 0.2.1 - Translated to French.

Special Thanks: Mrein Stain 0.2.0 - add password function.

more ... -- --------------------------------- Support Page FAQ: facebook: Twitter: --------------------------------- developed by tetsuwo oishi facebook: Twitter: ---------------------------------

Website Blocker (Beta) Chrome extension Download

It is the Website Blocker (Beta) google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Website Blocker (Beta) chrome extension (CRX)

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