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CaretTab - New Tab Page chrome extension

CaretTab - New Tab Page Google chrome Extension overview

CaretTab - New Tab Page chrome extension is A simplistic New Tab page with options for displaying time, date, search, favorite links, and more!.

CaretTab is completely FREE with NO ADS!

Features: - Display time and date on new tab page (time shows on tab).

- add 3 additional clocks with customizable label and timezone.

- Search Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo from new tab page.

- Display up to six favorite links for quick access.

- Include a custom message on the page.

- Choose from a handful of different color themes or choose your own custom color.

- Customize everything!

Toggle the time, seconds, time format, date, date format, search engine, and more.

Have any suggestions Let me know on Twitter @BlueCaret CaretTab was designed and developed by BlueCaret ----------- 1.0.0 - added option to toggle meridiem - added 24 hour time option - Added option to toggle time delimiter - Added option to toggle blinking of time delimiter - Added a third additional clock - Added option to toggle day of week - Added option to toggle year - added short/long date format - added additional date formats (MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, etc) - Added more color themes - Added option to choose custom colors for background and foreground - added favorite links - added custom message - added duckduckgo search engine option - changed font used - Updated layout - Refactored code 0.3.0 - Multiple clocks!

Add up to 2 additional clocks with different timezones with a customizable label - Removed "Quick Links" feature due to performance issues.

We will continue to look at this for a potential comeback.

0.2.0 Beta - Complete overhaul of extension - new settings panel - Customize everything!

- quick link buttons (beta - not very resource friendly at the moment) - More color options - Switch between Google and Bing search 0.1.1 Alpha - fixed theme options displaying as blank boxes on load - fixed midnight displaying as "0:00" - fixed font not rendering - Misc back-end changes 0.1.0 Alpha - Initial release

CaretTab - New Tab Page Chrome extension Download

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