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NetBeans Connector chrome extension

NetBeans Connector Google chrome Extension overview

NetBeans Connector chrome extension is The NetBeans Connector provides deep integration between the award winning NetBeans IDE and the Google Chrome browser..

netbeans ide features a complete set of development tools for JavaScript and HTML5, including code editing, debugging, live styling, development with iOS and Android devices, and more.

The NetBeans Connector for Chrome facilitates the tight integration between the two.

With this integration, comes the ability to: * Refresh on Save * live dom navigation from within the IDE itself * Bi-directional element inspection.

Click in the browser, see it in the IDE, and vice-versa * javascript debugging of the application using remote webkit apis * visual css style editing of all page elements, including javascript generated elements * Screen resizing to view your application at various pre-defined sizes (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

), or sizes that you can define yourself * Network monitoring for web services and web socket traffic

NetBeans Connector Chrome extension Download

It is the NetBeans Connector google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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