Best Background Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total background plugins - 326
Orbitum Speed Dial Chrome extension download
Orbitum Speed Dial Orbitum Speed Dial's the perfect way to upgrade the New Tab with beautiful backgrounds and easy-access to your favorite websites.

chrome, access, beautiful, image, orbitum, tab, background, easy, favourite, extension, sites, feedback, websites, dial, perfect

RSS Feed Reader Chrome extension download
RSS Feed Reader Get a simple overview of your RSS and Atom feeds in the toolbar

feeds, v5, fix, rss, pro, posts, bug, atom, feeder, issue, chrome, feed, notifications, bugs, sorting

MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer Chrome extension download
MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status

phone, sms, android, notifications, app, notification, mightytext, messages, chrome, google, web, computer, text, window, data Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots Chrome extension download Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots

game, zoom, play, skins, snake, menu, io, snakes, background, nicks, mod, mods, nickname, key, selection

Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

facebook, change, changer, colors, ads, chrome, options, photo, background, zoom, icon, application, newsfeed, app, color

Looper for YouTube Chrome extension download
Looper for YouTube Auto replay videos with ONE-CLICK, able to customise features such as AUTO LOOP toggle, setting loop counts and loop portion.

loop, auto, set, youtube, video, player, extension, button, playlist, support, features, flash, faq, http, replay

Simple Weather Chrome extension download
Simple Weather Displays the weather for multiple locations that you can set using the free weather API provided by Yahoo (Yahoo Weather API).

weather, locations, quot, open, multiple, forecast, quickly, add, nice, page, sunset, humidity, pressure, chill, wind

Chrometana - Redirect Bing Somewhere Better Chrome extension download
Chrometana - Redirect Bing Somewhere Better Redirect all Bing (and therefore Cortana) searches to a search engine of your choice!

chrome, bing, v1, background, redirect, chrometana, quot, blog, apps, searches, search, work, cnet, google, cortana

iChrome - A Fast, Productive Home Page Chrome extension download
iChrome - A Fast, Productive Home Page A lightning fast home/start page dashboard with stunning backgrounds, news, weather, sports, RSS, todo, and more!

ichrome, backgrounds, widgets, page, anytime, fast, weather, customizable, rss, voice, customization, stunning, completely, extensions, check

SmoothScroll Chrome extension download
SmoothScroll Scroll smoothly on all websites with your mouse and keyboard.

support, mouse, smooth, scrolling, smoothscroll, mac, keyboard, extension, github, ads, background, list, step, content, customizable

Dream Afar New Tab Chrome extension download
Dream Afar New Tab An unexpected trip everyday by simply opening a new tab

v0, location, background, fixed, weather, tab, displaying, issue, added, share, image, option, afar, source, simply

MyStart New Tab Chrome extension download
MyStart New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy beautiful wallpaper images with every new tab with My Start for Chrome.

tab, chrome, landmarks, personalized, dashboard, customize, enjoy, world, images, browser, facebook, mystart, page, wallpaper, custom

Humble New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Humble New Tab Page Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, recently closed, and weather in a custom layout.

version, added, fixed, weather, apps, chrome, bookmarks, default, closed, option, folder, background, tab, menu, columns

Home - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Home - New Tab Page A homepage you will fall in love with! Notifications, badges, recently closed tabs, quick notes and more.

app, background, quick, resolutions, home, closed, custom, focus, notes, tabs, homepage, badges, extension, chrome, page

ScenicHomepage Chrome extension download
ScenicHomepage Access nature wallpaper images to add to your homepage - all from one FREE and convenient spot.

extension, chrome, click, homepage, scenichomepage, http, browser, uninstall, add, images, eula, privacy, nature, quot, myway

Noisli Chrome extension download
Noisli Improve your focus and boost your productivity. Block out annoying noises and create the right environment for working or relaxing.

noisli, productivity, apps, order, people, focus, create, environment, access, web, favorite, ios, time, extension, lifehacker

New tab page by Chrome extension download
New tab page by The ultimate personal start page -

start, quot, bookmarks, web, page, pages, widgets, organize, chrome, extension, feeds, easy, bookmark, notes, save

Padlet Mini Chrome extension download
Padlet Mini Collect and bookmark the best of web for yourself or with friends.

padlet, upload, write, collect, text, padlets, bookmark, links, web, canvas, themes, mini, business, record, list

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit maximum number of open tabs

tabs, v0, tab, extension, limit, open, closed, background, accessed, opening, number, github, popup, active, maximum

Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Chrome extension download
Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Customize the style, layout, and functionality of popular websites using a powerful new set of tools in one simple menu.

add, websites, options, facebook, menu, simple, popular, program, layout, set, background, hundreds, custom, button, chrome

New Tong Wen Tang Chrome extension download
New Tong Wen Tang Traditional and Simplified Chinese Converter

chrome, conversion, chinese, simplified, issue, badge, background, tang, source, based, converter, extension, traditional, url, add

Lounge Assistant Chrome extension download
Lounge Assistant The Addon

item, thx, button, match, bet, lounge, assistant, time, csgolounge, page, display, companion, design, add, chrome

BehindTheOverlay Chrome extension download
BehindTheOverlay One click to close any overlay on any website.

overlay, click, extension, close, button, shift, activated, website, default, important, content, hates, popups, windows, overlays

Send Link by Email or Gmail Chrome extension download
Send Link by Email or Gmail Share web pages, images, and links by email or Gmail.

email, gmail, extension, google, chrome, link, web, manager, share, extensions, tracking, software, background, lightweight, resources

Auto History Wipe Chrome extension download
Auto History Wipe Automatically deletes browsing history and optionally other browsing data.

chrome, data, history, extension, automatically, time, cookies, clear, permission, background, browsing, page, running, options, problems

APNG Chrome extension download
APNG Animated PNG support for WebKit/Blink browsers

images, extension, support, work, chrome, apng, list, captcha, animated, google, css, style, fixed, changed, styles

Care your Eyes Chrome extension download
Care your Eyes Change the page's background color to the reseda or night mode and you can click a block to make it changing color.

color, extension, eyes, change, refresh, pages, mode, click, custom, block, night, webpage, function, reinstall, restart

My Dogs New Tab Chrome extension download
My Dogs New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy wallpaper images of dogs and puppies with every new tab with My Dogs for Chrome.

tab, chrome, dogs, wallpaper, images, personalized, facebook, dashboard, learn, retrievers, customize, page, join, custom, playlist

Breath Tab Chrome extension download
Breath Tab Breath is an extension, your personal content management system. if you have more ideas you want send them to [email protected]

links, extension, link, chrome, light, favorite, mark, ideas, add, background, image, send, breath, gmail, breathnewtab

iChrome New Tab - A Fast, Productive New Tab Chrome extension download
iChrome New Tab - A Fast, Productive New Tab A lightning fast new tab page dashboard with stunning backgrounds, news, weather, sports, RSS, todo, and more!

ichrome, backgrounds, widgets, anytime, tab, fast, weather, customizable, start, rss, customization, extension, stunning, completely, check

Modern New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Modern New Tab Page Modern New Tab Page replaces the traditional new tab page by a new beautiful and elegant one, made of customizable live tiles.

tiles, page, change, display, extension, color, list, image, rss, news, icon, favorite, tab, bookmarks, shortcuts

Beloop Chrome extension download
Beloop Beloop - Do Everything In Your Way

beloop, cloud, tab, backgrounds, features, privacy, stay, lost, experience, customized, search, ways, amazing, waybeloop, offers

Battlelog Emblem Editor Extended Chrome extension download
Battlelog Emblem Editor Extended Adds some useful functionality for emblem editor.

layer, selection, emblem, version, hotkeys, select, editor, emblems, fixed, multiple, group, quot, layers, code, caused

Feedly Notifier Chrome extension download
Feedly Notifier Extension for Feedly news reader

ability, news, notifier, extension, https, feedly, popup, support, site, olsh, window, feeds, github, fzxqomdjo, notifications

Leoh New Tab Chrome extension download
Leoh New Tab Replace your new tab with a minimalistic and customizable homepage featuring a clock, todo list, weather, bookmarks and much more!

day, leoh, chrome, tab, customizable, list, todo, tools, access, stunning, design, change, quot, photography, featuring

SlitherX Sidebar Mods & Skins Chrome extension download
SlitherX Sidebar Mods & Skins Add 40+ custom mods and skins to to extend your gameplay experience! Mods made by Turtle Clan.

show, added, hotkey, skins, v1, slither, statistic, custom, food, io, sidebar, firefly, server, sfx, slitherx

My Cats New Tab Chrome extension download
My Cats New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy wallpaper images of cats and kittens with every new tab with My Cats for Chrome.

cats, tab, wallpaper, chrome, images, personalized, facebook, dashboard, customize, page, enjoy, join, custom, playlist, music

StartMeIn Chrome extension download
StartMeIn StartMeIn - Start your internet experience

startmein, experience, page, beautiful, chrome, full, ideas, policy, improve, home, experiencestartmein, start, internet, screen, newtab

Nice Day (weather) Chrome extension download
Nice Day (weather) Nice Day provide city weather information.You can custome weather forecast information on Facebook, Google, YouTube and other sites.

weather, information, temperature, forecast, cities, current, custom, world, time, extension, city, shows, searches, feel, google

Code Cola Chrome extension download
Code Cola Code Cola is a chrome extension for editing online pages' css style visually.

quot, fix, add, support, function, css, code, codecola, extension, gradient, element, cola, linear, optimize, webkit

Stencil Chrome extension download
Stencil Instantly add text to any image - just right click!

image, images, instantly, text, stencil, add, search, free, web, works, watermarks, extension, background, creating, twitter

AmazingTab Chrome extension download
AmazingTab AmazingTab is a metro style Chrome new tab page, which organize all your favourite links in one place.

links, tab, wallpaper, page, customize, chrome, metro, recommended, favourite, apps, place, amazingtab, style, extension, background

LightUp Chrome extension download
LightUp LightUp | Light Your Internal Monster!

backgrounds, light, tab, vidfeed, privacy, page, policy, lightup, amazing, info, http, updated, extension, internal, boring

PrintWhatYouLike Chrome extension download
PrintWhatYouLike PrintWhatYouLike lets you print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk.

print, remove, page, web, save, printwhatyoulike, backgrounds, lets, images, margins, skipping, good, type, isolate, size

Yellow Landscape Chrome extension download
Yellow Landscape Change current page background to yellow

yellow, background, context, menu, landscape, page, extension, change, chrome, current, yellowchange, quot, standard, choosing

EasyReader Chrome extension download
EasyReader EasyReader can customize and improve the readability of long web articles

content, easyreader, code, extension, css, images, page, segments, google, activated, bugfix, color, print, background, er

Snow Chrome extension download
Snow Let it snow on you current page.

extension, website, snow, http, background, script, remove, disable, uninstall, page, dfjh722z, g8j2q7xg, changelog, snowstorm, code

Poonama Chrome extension download
Poonama Poonama - Style Your Feed

poonama, experience, backgrounds, tab, amazing, privacy, style, cool, brings, feedpoonama, creative, ways, web, change, stay

Bookmark manager Chrome extension download
Bookmark manager Access the Bookmark manager window directly from the toolbar.

chrome, extension, extensions, https, manager, detail, bookmark, jgbalphdbabbndjidpoacmfgjaniipcj, history, access, active, cpu, automatically, page, start

Viewport Dimensions Chrome extension download
Viewport Dimensions This extension displays Chrome’s viewport dimensions when resizing the browser window.

extension, dimensions, viewport, chrome, fix, github, size, window, issues, browser, color, outer, updated, mode, fixed

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