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User-Agent Switcher for Chrome Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher for Chrome Spoofs & Mimics User-Agent strings.

user, agent, chrome, mobile, site, sites, switch, spoof, extension, strings, quickly, work, browsers, urls, javascript Deals + Cash Back Chrome extension download Deals + Cash Back Simplify your online shopping & get rewarded! Enjoy deal alerts, plus Cash Back, so you can save time & money everywhere you shop.

cash, extension, shopathome, deal, information, shopping, automatic, free, deals, online, policy, stores, www, shop, buy

AmazonSmile 1Button for Chrome Chrome extension download
AmazonSmile 1Button for Chrome This is an official AmazonSmile extension for Chrome

amazon, amazonsmile, chrome, smile, button, display, purchases, extension, gp, conditions, located, organization, time, charitable, favorite

I don't care about cookies Chrome extension download
I don't care about cookies Remove annoying cookie warnings from almost all 'infected' websites! The EU regulations require that any website using cookies…

cookies, website, cookie, care, report, check, www, surf, browsers, anonymously, info, require, annoying, delete, imagine

Flickr Tab Chrome extension download
Flickr Tab Explore Flickr on your new Chrome tab.

flickr, tab, click, user, community, photograph, time, popular, chrome, extension, open, displays, explore, photos, photo

Giphy for Chrome Chrome extension download
Giphy for Chrome Bring the power of a GIF search engine anywhere on the web. Respond to emails, tweets and more with GIFs quickly and easily.

gifs, extension, giphy, search, hipchat, permissions, gmail, gif, support, respond, twitter, facebook, drag, requests, hostname

Auto History Wipe Chrome extension download
Auto History Wipe Automatically deletes browsing history and optionally other browsing data.

chrome, data, history, extension, automatically, time, cookies, clear, permission, background, browsing, page, running, options, problems

Save Image to Downloads Chrome extension download
Save Image to Downloads Adds a right-click direct download item for images, like Safari.

download, image, item, safari, chrome, adds, extension, click, choose, save, downloads, quot, avoid, directory, missed LOGINS Chrome extension download LOGINS Lets you login with 1 click.

account, lets, information, extension, username, password, accounts, quickly, login, forcecomlogins, force, hope, selected, refer, details

ArchDaily New Tab Chrome extension download
ArchDaily New Tab Get inspired with every new tab

tab, show, chrome, ll, archdaily, articles, project, extension, news, pictures, easily, click, upcoming, integrated, photograph

Prioritab Chrome extension download
Prioritab A new tab page to remind you of your priorities

priorities, time, tab, v1, day, quot, page, ability, customize, edited, line, user, v0, formats, bitvitez

160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons Chrome extension download
160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons Compare Prices, get the best deals and apply the right coupons across websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay and more, all…

prices, coupons, time, by2, online, deals, compare, websites, offering, active, easy, extension, shop, chrome, ebay

OkayFreedom Chrome extension download
OkayFreedom Browse freely and securely. It’s okay!

extension, video, country, shop, videos, online, shopping, watch, browse, routes, product, notify, automatically, entire, websites

Music Library Chrome extension download
Music Library Play albums with lyrics from your favourites artists and improve YouTube music experience

music, play, youtube, free, extension, album, favorites, artists, albums, musixlib, network, easy, unlimited, access, information

animatedTabs - a new gif on every new tab. Chrome extension download
animatedTabs - a new gif on every new tab. Discover a new gif every time you open a new tab. Never miss a gif again!

gif, tab, support, share, awesome, times, work, safe, animatedtabs, added, captions, discover, issue, broken, favorite

FOCUS Chrome extension download
FOCUS Replace new tab page with a timeline of events based on your location. Stunning imagery 365 days of the year. To-do List coming soon

events, predicthq, event, tab, tasks, happening, chrome, timeline, open, focus, location, day, log, account, world

Exposure New Tab Chrome extension download
Exposure New Tab Get a beautiful photo from Exposure every time you open a new tab.

exposure, tab, time, extension, photo, beautiful, chrome, open

beruby Chrome extension download
beruby With beruby cashback you will never miss out your cashback again

cashback, beruby, chrome, google, participating, website, access, alert, secure, visit, time, sections, extension, free, download

Dribbble New Tab Chrome extension download
Dribbble New Tab Hands down the best Dribbble Chrome extension. Get the best shots from Dribbble every time you open a new tab in Chrome

dribbble, shots, tab, inspiration, design, extension, dose, daily, time, open, chrome, published, people, great, impossible

love a minute Chrome extension download
love a minute A plugin that will bring you peace every time you open another tab

chrome, time, extension, peace, plugin, bring, minute, open, love, tab

Best New Tab Chrome extension download
Best New Tab See something funny every time you open a new tab. We make having fun a part of daily life for anyone, anytime.

time, tab, life, anytime, daily, open, funny, extension, part, fun, good, laugh, chrome, world

Slim Lists for Trello Chrome extension download
Slim Lists for Trello Shows you more lists in Trello by reducing the width of lists in Trello by up to 50%

lists, extension, trello, width, list, fit, board, bring, screen, page, reloaded, meaning, time, structure, double

FlashTabs Chrome extension download
FlashTabs FlashTabs is a tool that enables you to set a deck of flash cards, and process through them at every new tab screen.

deck, process, flashcards, tab, flashcard, screen, extension, flashtabs, gt, good, chrome, hard, shown, tool, workflow

Start Page Chrome extension download
Start Page This extension is providing a new homepage experience so you can find easier what you need.

homepage, time, extension, simple, experience, information, spend, open, customize, browser, chrome, page, search, click, features

Emotee Chrome extension download
Emotee Japanese emoticons for Google Chrome

color, emoticons, generate, japanese, extension, random, google, chromeextension, chrome, options, leave, custom, default, set, emotee

Stream Series Chrome extension download
Stream Series The best, Ad Free, way to watch TV Series online. All you have to do is just search and play.

series, tv, watch, annoying, playlist, search, ads, stream, tired, online, upcoming, checking, chromecast, features, sync Chrome extension download Creative coding sketches \ see a doodle every time you open a new tab

doodles, quot, es, chrome, doodle, creative, sketches, coding, files, short, apps, require, plain, simple, optionally

RatherNice Chrome extension download
RatherNice I like changing your day, a tab at a time.

day, time, chrome, changing, tab, compliment, rathernice, open, extension, brightens, receive, wonderful, browser

Funny New Tab Chrome extension download
Funny New Tab Laugh with a funny gif every time you open a new tab.

tab, funny, funniest, internet, gifs, gif, time, laugh, chrome, extension, newest, enjoy, open, page

Star Spangled Browser Chrome extension download
Star Spangled Browser The word America has never been so fun.

quot, browser, gif, fun, america, spangled, chrome, word, super, amazing, awesome, star, american, hovering, shining

Disable WebGL Chrome extension download
Disable WebGL Disables WebGL. That's it!

webgl, chrome, extension, nowadays, scripts, time, load, dumping, laptop, entire, plain, ads, tracker, extensions, websites

Auto Clip Chrome extension download
Auto Clip Automatially copy to clipboard any selected text

copy, clipboard, extension, chrome, automatically, automatially, hitting, texttired, ctrl, selected, time, clip, auto, cool, paste

Giphy Tabs Chrome extension download
Giphy Tabs Giphy Tabs

giphy, time, tv, extension, gif, favorite, open, tabs, chrome, tabswatch, click, tab, discover

Unicorn Apocalypse Chrome extension download
Unicorn Apocalypse Fill your screen with unicorns and rainbows every time you click. Prank your friends, or fancy up those boring webpages at work.

chrome, midi, quot, extension, note, webpage, screen, instrument, click, unicorns, boring, fancy, prank, apocalypse, work

Planet View Chrome extension download
Planet View Planet View displays a beautiful satellite image from Planet every time you open a new tab.

image, planet, extension, chrome, view, globe, title, navigate, viewing, history, tab, time, beautiful, satellite, displays

Refresher Chrome extension download
Refresher Refresher - A Google Chrome extension by Tony Coculuzzi

text, refresher, extension, sound, pop, time, string, tony, chrome, auto, coculuzzirefresher, refreshes, page, play, notification

TabText. Synchronized notepad in each new tab Chrome extension download
TabText. Synchronized notepad in each new tab Every time you open a new tab, a notepad synchronized between all your computers appear.

tab, notepad, synchronized, day, text, google, evernote, life, computers, naturally, potential, interface, simple, neat, screen

MapTab Chrome extension download
MapTab A tab extension for viewing your current location, date and time.

location, time, extension, tab, view, place, current, map, viewing, variety, chrome, random, date, open, beautiful

Behance New Tab Chrome extension download
Behance New Tab Get the best images from Behance every time you open a new tab

behance, tab, time, images, chrome, extension, open

Ziggedy Reminder Chrome extension download
Ziggedy Reminder Get reminded every time a free donation is available when you're shopping online, while you save with exclusive deals and coupons.

reminder, ziggedy, shop, save, support, free, difference, time, ads, exclusive, simply, secure, sharing, online, donation

The Unofficial Jesse Cox Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
The Unofficial Jesse Cox Chrome Extension Keep up to date with new videos and twitch streams!

jesse, chrome, extension, images, twitch, bugs, unofficial, sonarctic11, cox, speech, added, appearing, hiaeadimnoiennkbanljjfmkenjfombg, chr, dodger

Urthecast Imagery Chrome extension download
Urthecast Imagery See beautiful satellite imagery from Urthecast every time you open a new tab.

imagery, urthecast, time, chrome, satellite, extension, beautiful, open, tab

DuckDuckGo New Tab Chrome extension download
DuckDuckGo New Tab Get DuckDuckGo homepage every time you open a new tab

tab, duckduckgo, homepage, time, extension, open, chrome

Pandora Likes to Spotify Chrome extension download
Pandora Likes to Spotify Never lose a Pandora song again!

pandora, extension, bugs, songs, spotify, song, pandify, wag, feedback, charlie, awesome, tracks, spelling, gmail, hey

Color Picker Chrome extension download
Color Picker Color Picker for Chrome

color, picker, developers, web, graphics, designers, channels, rgb, values, hex, shows, pick, likes, great, utility

Archilovers Inspiration Tab Chrome extension download
Archilovers Inspiration Tab Get a beautiful project from Archilovers network every time you open a new tab.

tab, project, chrome, archilovers, click, network, page, icon, shuffle, picture, show, ll, randomly, browser, selected

Send to Trello Chrome extension download
Send to Trello Create Trello cards from other webpages (especially for: Gmail, FogBugz, JIRA, Redmine, Assembla, Salesforce, RequestTracker)

trello, card, description, quot, create, gmail, fogbugz, board, cases, jira, cards, reset, https, tickets, requesttracker

WorkFlowy Popup Chrome extension download
WorkFlowy Popup Access your WorkFlowy quickly and easily without switching tabs!

workflowy, ve, current, extension, functionality, popup, creates, easily, credit, claim, quickly, tab, personal, interfering, wanted

Refind New Tab Chrome extension download
Refind New Tab Set Refind as your New Tab page.

tab, refind, people, topics, follow, time, chrome, extension, set, links, discover, page, open

Salesforce Searchbox Chrome extension download
Salesforce Searchbox A simple search box on top of all configuration items of salesforce setup items.

search, quot, siddharatha, items, pressing, extension, configuration, linked, siddharth, nagavarapu, link, time, salesforce, simple, www

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