Best Netflix Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Super Browse for Netflix Chrome extension download
Super Browse for Netflix Access Netflix Secret Categories

categories, netflix, movies, super, browse, extension, movie, access, secret, extra, features, choose, added, contact, hide

NEnhancer Chrome extension download
NEnhancer Show trailers, IMDb/RT ratings, and much more, on the Netflix page.

imdb, rating, page, show, netflix, feature, movie, chrome, top, tomatoes, trailers, shows, rotten, click, enable

Showgoers for Netflix Chrome extension download
Showgoers for Netflix Watch Netflix movies with your friends or loved ones online

netflix, showgoers, movie, invite, watch, distance, chat, url, watching, chrome, sync, shared, loved, skype, create

Netflix Party Chrome extension download
Netflix Party Watch Netflix remotely with friends

netflix, long, adds, playback, remotely, chrome, extension, party, nights, distance, special, group, synchronizes, video, watching

Super Netflix Chrome extension download
Super Netflix Change Netflix Video Quality, Upload Custom subtitles, Control Volume and Much More - Make You Experience on Netflix More Enjoyable.

netflix, video, streaming, subtitles, quality, extension, change, beta, features, spoilers, hide, show, bitrate, control, volume

Fedora User Agent Chrome extension download
Fedora User Agent Modifies your User-Agent string to contain the name of Fedora Linux distribution.

extension, agent, string, fedora, user, v0, netflix, linux, installed, auto, bugzilla, https, based, requests, outgoing

Flix Plus by Lifehacker Chrome extension download
Flix Plus by Lifehacker Filter recommendations, remove spoilers, show IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and more in Netflix.

list, netflix, broken, due, fixed, extension, keyboard, removed, page, show, ratings, titles, controls, export, imdb

Streamkeys Chrome extension download
Streamkeys Global hotkeys for online music players including support for media keys.

fm, player, music, hotkeys, support, media, added, radio, page, popup, play, v1, bugs, extension, fixed

UltraWide Video Chrome extension download
UltraWide Video Allows wider than average screens (eg.21:9) to play online video content and fit the screen properly in fullscreen mode.

extension, video, mode, screen, support, alt, top, bars, black, aspect, ratio, videos, wider, chrome, youtube

PIP Video Chrome extension download
PIP Video Dock any video from a website to your Desktop and watch the video while doing any other work on your desktop.

video, videos, v2, chrome, panels, icon, extension, support, pip, web, work, bottom, panel, window, sites

Netflix Pause Removal Chrome extension download
Netflix Pause Removal Remove the pause between netflix episodes

netflix, pause, continue, prescottgallagher, open, remove, removal, updates, increased, initial, paypal, quot, latest, lazy, permanently

Flix Assist Chrome extension download
Flix Assist Netflix won't ask if you're still there while this is installed. Also removes the next episode countdown.

removes, chrome, extension, assist, netflix, episode, countdown, flix, won, installed

TVShow Time Chrome extension download
TVShow Time Automatically check-in on TVShow Time when you watch an episode from anywhere on the web.

time, tvshow, page, episode, automatically, web, check, extension, post, spoil, hiding, left, remember, detect, streaming

Media Keys by Chrome extension download
Media Keys by Media keys support for online radio and streaming music apps.

music, fm, radio, playing, keys, support, sway, apps, media, tab, chrome, extension, skip, songs, play

Traktflix - Netflix and together Chrome extension download
Traktflix - Netflix and together Sync Netflix history to

netflix, episode, quot, trakt, extension, note, sync, history, https, work, title, open, movie, shows, tv

Film Stack Chrome extension download
Film Stack A film queue for Netflix.

netflix, movies, queue, v1, series, extension, film, added, works, fixed, bug, stack, bugs, find, work

DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from within your browser with the click of a button

added, torrent, tv, duckietv, shows, browser, search, v0, download, chrome, mirror, calendar, netflix, standalone, episodes

What to watch next? Movies, TV Shows (Simkl) Chrome extension download
What to watch next? Movies, TV Shows (Simkl) This is a legacy APP. Please use a new one

simkl, netflix, tv, extension, chrome, shows, categories, imdb, crunchyroll, ratings, tracker, beta, secret, app, gl

DuckieTV - 'New Tab' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'New Tab' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from your browser's new tab page

added, torrent, tv, duckietv, search, shows, chrome, download, v0, browser, mirror, calendar, netflix, standalone, episodes

Fleex for Netflix - Intelligent subtitles Chrome extension download
Fleex for Netflix - Intelligent subtitles Learn English watching Netflix

fleex, watching, netflix, subtitles, extension, videos, learn, english, improving, significantly, smart, favorite, series, movies, pleasure

Proxy-on Chrome extension download
Proxy-on Bypass IP blockers quick and easily. Anonymous browsing. Rotate free or premium proxies from all over the world!

proxies, premium, extension, hulu, data, bypass, ip, netflix, blockers, pandora, unlimited, facebook, twitter, institution, hacker

MINI Fast Forward Chrome extension download
MINI Fast Forward Transform the S key into MINI COOPER S accelerator for any YouTube, Facebook or even Netflix video.

mini, accelerate, cooper, videos, fast, key, app, facebook, youtube, chrome, accelerator, extension, immediately, netflix, transform

browse-by-netflixers Chrome extension download
browse-by-netflixers Enable secret categories NETFLIX

categories, netflix, extension, menu, browse, step, logo, show, secret, click, enjoy, netflixers, page, multiple, profiles

Video Adjust for Netflix Chrome extension download
Video Adjust for Netflix Easily adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of Netflix streams!

netflix, extension, video, change, player, adjust, quot, live, preview, avoid, settings, initial, version, saved, read

Unsubtitle for Netflix Chrome extension download
Unsubtitle for Netflix Remove forced Netflix subtitles.

netflix, subtitles, extension, screen, unsubtitle, click, people, studying, foreign, languages, annoyed, clutter, time, browser, rendered

Watch On Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or YouTube Chrome extension download
Watch On Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or YouTube Direct links to movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant and Youtube's Free Movies from IMDB, YouTube and Rotten Tomatoes

search, youtube, updated, netflix, hulu, bug, imdb, movies, amazon, added, update, options, rotten, chrome, css

Subtitulos Netflix USA Chrome extension download
Subtitulos Netflix USA Tu Nextlix USA con miles de películas al español

tu, en, de, la, netflix, con, los, usa, pel, culas, tendr, nextlix, web, alternativa, espa

Netflix Rottenizer Chrome extension download
Netflix Rottenizer Overlays Rotten Tomato reviews when browsing Netflix.

rotten, netflix, extension, overlays, movies, based, audience, ratings, button, lets, hide, reviews, tomato, chrome, tomatoes

OttoPlay Chrome extension download
OttoPlay OttoPlay: watch Netflix, Hulu & YouTube in channels, like TV! Step 1: Download OttoPlay Step 2: Log into Netflix Step 3: Click…

ottoplay, netflix, step, tv, follow, click, watch, reddit, btc, bzsbyk1v5w2fwm5raygpmsjbqqfwck6d, watching, unavailable, extension, otto, hulu

Random Button for Netflix Chrome extension download
Random Button for Netflix Add a random movie/TV show button to Netflix

movie, random, extension, button, support, incompatible, issues, india, brazil, version, added, show, netflix, choosing, ad

Enhancer for Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc Chrome extension download
Enhancer for Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc Show trailers, IMDb/Simkl ratings, secret categories and much more, on the Netflix page. Sync Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu to Simkl.

netflix, simkl, tv, hulu, crunchyroll, chrome, watch, watched, extension, ratings, categories, history, trailers, secret, show

Netflix Rate Chrome extension download
Netflix Rate Add trailers, IMDB, Rotten Tomato, and MetaCritic ratings to the Netflix webpage.

netflix, extension, trailers, ratings, translation, imdb, work, titles, movie, english, watch, instantly, dvd, browsing, webpages

Netflix Rate Plus Chrome extension download
Netflix Rate Plus Add trailers, IMDB, Rotten Tomato, and MetaCritic ratings to the Netflix webpage.

extension, netflix, imdb, github, rate, chrome, ratings, rotten, ads, functionality, add, trailers, metacritic, tomato, pull

MegaFlix Chrome extension download
MegaFlix Adds additional functionality to Netflix including movie trailers via YouTube & general movie information including ratings via IMDb

movie, including, netflix, extension, chrome, rating, amp, details, youtube, watch, trailers, due, good, comment, imdb

Anime/Cartoon Direct Link Extension. Chrome extension download
Anime/Cartoon Direct Link Extension. Quick links for all your anime and cartoon needs, from Naruto to Dragon Ball Kai. Make anime/cartoons easier with this extension.

anime, extension, streaming, sites, resources, cartoon, cartoons, netflix, free, fell, suggestions, kisscartoon, miachrome, proxer, crunchyroll

VideoFixer for f.lux Chrome extension download
VideoFixer for f.lux For macOS. Fix visual color artifacts in full-screen videos when the f.lux app is running. Not associated with the makers of f.lux.

lux, videos, macos, visual, artifacts, netflix, youtube, full, sites, experience, screen, color, vimeo, watching, running

+Sub Chrome extension download
+Sub Load subtitle to a HTML5 video.

subtitle, video, add, support, chrome, issue, subtitles, load, cast, change, github, fix, youtube, netflix, ste

Kimmifier Chrome extension download
Kimmifier Brighten your browsing experience with the Kimmifier! From the Netflix original series: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

kimmy, internet, schmidt, experience, browsing, kimmifier, words, original, view, word, bad, extension, brighten, electronic, pretty

Feerless Chrome extension download
Feerless Crowd-sourced, preemptive notifications for Netflix users with PTSD

netflix, feerless, simple, coming, moment, experience, triggering, extension, unknown, crowd, providing, potentially, sourced, knowing, control

random-flix Chrome extension download
random-flix Add a 'Random Episode' button to Netflix Watch Instantly pages.

chrome, watch, random, flix, extension, netflix, instantly, add, button, pages, episode

Netflix Autoplayer - With System Sleep Timer Chrome extension download
Netflix Autoplayer - With System Sleep Timer Autoplays Netflix TV Shows - Shuts down computer when done

sleep, timer, netflix, extension, shutdown, work, updates, files, bat, pause, fixed, file, creates, lock, computer

Netflix Showdown Chrome extension download
Netflix Showdown Quickly decide what to watch on Netflix

showdown, time, timer, watch, hackathon, grand, pick, netflix, searching, spend, show, auto, play, tomorrow, prize

Netflix [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Netflix [ANTP] Netflix Search for ANTP

extension, find, chrome, page, netflix, click, widget, icon, search, mgmiemnjjchgkmgbeljfocdjjnpjnmcg, quot, oveav, changelog, v1, gl

Netflix God Mode Chrome extension download
Netflix God Mode God Mode Extension for Netflix that allows for easy viewing of movies without scrolling

extension, movies, netflix, viewing, https, mode, thomasrockhu, god, github, hu, viewed, bookmarklet, www, scroll, beshimov

Netflix Hidden Category Search Chrome extension download
Netflix Hidden Category Search Unlock Hidden Netflix Categories

netflix, categories, search, hidden, results, goofy, crime, quot, adds, crazy, content, acclaimed, chrome, extension, unlock

Netfix Chrome extension download
Netfix Netflix fixes: movies go to pages instead of playing, removes sliders, shows ratings, and hides bad recommendations and rated items

extension, ratings, pages, netflix, movies, shows, update, requests, sliders, load, rated, recommendations, homepage, playing, bad

netflixQ Chrome extension download
netflixQ Add queue functionality to Netflix for non-US users.

netflix, extension, movies, github, list, netflixq, icons, obvious, watch, queue, chrome, case, wanted, http, meeech

NetflixCaffeine Chrome extension download
NetflixCaffeine Prevents your computer from going to sleep while watching a movie or series on Netflix.

netflix, computer, series, sleep, prevents, watching, netflixcaffeine, movie, problem, extension, fix, continues, episode, screen, dimming

AARONJOYCE NETFLIX US2UK Chrome extension download
AARONJOYCE NETFLIX US2UK This chrome extension allowsyou to view American Netflix and other American sites like cbs fox mtv and more all outside the US ,…

netflix, american, extension, chrome, ireland, canada, usa, mtv, fox, stream, lets, us2uk, cbs, sites, allowsyou

Getflix Region Switcher Chrome extension download
Getflix Region Switcher Check and change your Getflix region quickly and easily.

getflix, extension, code, regions, switch, chrome, https, region, amazon, netflix, button, suggest, click, features, contribute

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