Best Zoom Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total zoom plugins - 58
Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
Full Page Screen Capture Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

page, capture, image, pages, extension, permissions, images, chrome, bug, click, fix, fixed, screenshot, full, tab

Photo Zoom for Facebook Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Facebook The best way to view photos on Facebook!

facebook, extensions, zoom, photo, pz4fb, extension, data, quot, http, access, features, popular, google, chrome, malware

Hover Zoom Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

images, google, sites, zoom, specific, http, options, files, reddit, chrome, page, imgur, facebook, faq, pcmag Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots Chrome extension download Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots

game, zoom, play, skins, snake, menu, io, snakes, background, nicks, mod, mods, nickname, key, selection

SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod,  Bots Chrome extension download
SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots The Worlds Best Mod Zoom and Extension! Hundreds of custom skins! Skin Creator!

skins, extension, io, mod, added, mode, zoom, slitherplus, slither, game, choose, script, server, players, connect

ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome extension download
ColorPick Eyedropper An eye-dropper & color-picker tool that allows you to select color values from webpages.

color, extension, page, quot, preview, button, colors, snapshot, pick, experience, work, colorpick, pages, dropper, eye

Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

facebook, change, changer, colors, ads, chrome, options, photo, background, zoom, icon, application, newsfeed, app, color

Hover Zoom+ Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom+ Zoom images/videos on all your favorite websites (Facebook, Amazon, etc). Simply hover your mouse over the image to enlarge it.

extension, websites, images, zoom, tab, facebook, version, full, hoverzoom, image, browser, access, supported, sites, hover Mod Play with friends Without LAGS Chrome extension download Mod Play with friends Without LAGS Mod: Zoom (Hack + Cheat), Play with friends, NO LAGS.

friends, play, zoom, hack, cheat, ip, mod, based, chrome, lags, io, extension, slither, szymy, code

Search By Zooms Chrome extension download
Search By Zooms Zooms search the web

search, zooms, experience, safe, individual, browser, extra, secure, provide, settings, order, enjoy, places, extention, zoom Mods, Zoom, Create Skins SLITHERE Chrome extension download Mods, Zoom, Create Skins SLITHERE Mods, Zoom, Custom Skins, Create Skins, Create Heads, Play with Friends

skins, zoom, game, create, head, added, skin, change, slithere, menu, mod, mozilla, features, snake, io

Zoom Chrome extension download
Zoom Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.

zoom, extension, web, video, browser, page, website, button, google, option, youtube, lights, increase, player, default

Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension download
Zoom Scheduler Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar

zoom, meetings, video, meeting, cloud, mobile, sharing, schedule, screen, free, audio, online, calendar, google, desktop

Hide YouTube Comments Chrome extension download
Hide YouTube Comments Hides all user comments on YouTube. Nothing less, nothing more. Specifically, there is no button to show the comments again.…

comments, youtube, icon, video, work, button, strange, manifest, fixed, december, show, works, wpzoom, text, automatically

Hover Free Chrome extension download
Hover Free Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on over 100 sites and is totally free from shady updates, ads or 3rd party tracking.

hoverfree, images, sites, extension, free, reddit, http, specific, links, plugin, imgur, image, imagus, browsing, hoverzoom

Font Size Increase Chrome extension download
Font Size Increase With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be increase.

font, size, chrome, increase, google, button, click, high, extensions, docs, dpi, text, reading, decrease, website

Photo Zoom for Twitter Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Twitter Adds large size preview images to your Twitter web.

twitter, ver, support, zoom, photo, size, screen, avatar, images, softpedia, http, chrome, fix, clean, run

Pretty Facebook Chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook Chat Prettify your Facebook chat. Bigger size, more animation, more... nice :-)

version, facebook, extension, chat, bug, shadow, fixed, chrome, pretty, icon, size, source, instructions, share, added

Image Viewer Chrome extension download
Image Viewer More than the default image viewer

image, viewer, extension, access, mouse, wheel, quot, move, notice, zoom, reset, click, double, alt, web

Picture Downloader Professional Chrome extension download
Picture Downloader Professional Save all picture of a web page at once to your hard disk, e.g. from flickr, tumblr or Google images search.

pictures, download, web, picture, google, site, switch, find, flickr, photo, icon, downloader, watch, view, remember

Photo Zoomer For Facebook Chrome extension download
Photo Zoomer For Facebook This extension allow you to zoom in and out (magnification) photos on Facebook.

zoom, facebook, mouse, update, fix, extension, move, glass, magnify, photo, button, spot, turn, magnification, wheel

Manga Viewer Chrome extension download
Manga Viewer Read manga in full screen with image preloading(even chapter) from MangaFox, MangaReader, MangaStream, MangaHere, Fakku and others

full, manga, support, chapter, image, net, read, reading, screen, hentai, ads, www, patreon, mode, view

Font Size Decrease Chrome extension download
Font Size Decrease With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be decrease.

font, size, chrome, decrease, google, button, click, high, extensions, docs, dpi, text, reading, increase, website

Zoom Text Only Chrome extension download
Zoom Text Only Zoom text without distorting the images

zoom, page, chrome, extension, text, alt, code, turn, system, youtube, video, javascript, request, parts, render Mods Chrome extension download Mods The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends

play, game, zoom, io, mods, server, extension, chance, blocks, players, friends, splix, cell, stop, watchful

Reddit Hover Text Chrome extension download
Reddit Hover Text Shows the content of a reddit text post when you hover on it's link.

text, fixes, reddit, hover, version, res, https, submissions, significantly, link, scroll, letter, links, starting, broke

ReachOut Chrome extension download
ReachOut Find Direct Contact Information on Your Prospects.

zoominfo, sales, information, direct, b2b, linkedin, addresses, marketing, salesforce, prospecting, data, reachout, growth, accelerate, email

Pinterest Image Expander Chrome extension download
Pinterest Image Expander Expands Pinterest images on hover

pinterest, hover, image, images, expander, quot, pin, fixed, activity, extension, bug, click, pins, written, manifest

Export To CRM Chrome extension download
Export To CRM Export LinkedIn profiles to CRM contacts in one click.

export, linkedin, contacts, salesforce, profiles, lead, time, leads, contact, data, crm, support, sales, description, profile

PageExpand Chrome extension download
PageExpand All Image Download. Image Zoom. Expand Thumbnail and Audio and Video. Expand the short URL. Override Referer. Extend BBS. etc...

image, url, display, initial, video, link, setting, expand, jp, net, player, file, string, mouse, bbs Bot Mods, Bot Hack Chrome extension download Bot Mods, Bot Hack Mod that have bot. The bot is so clever and not easily dies. Auto defence, auto blocks Slitherio Bot

bot, zoom, license, keys, auto, ermiyaeskandary, extra, slither, easily, licensed, skin, amp, io, clever, mozilla

Zoomy Chrome extension download
Zoomy Changes zoom level according to resolution & browser size.

zoom, browser, resolution, chrome, exception, page, extension, default, automatic, press, reload, high, partial, quot, exceptions Mods, Friends, Chrome extension download Mods, Friends, also grew to the latest updates today! Mods Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots

friends, updates, mods, skins, io, play, slither, latest, botsrelated, chrome, information, skin, grew, extension, custom

ImageZoomer Chrome extension download
ImageZoomer Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the right mouse button and scrolling the mouse wheel. Left click to reset.

mouse, extension, images, button, image, page, left, great, works, click, hold, http, information, chromium, rating

Wikipedia Quick Hints Chrome extension download
Wikipedia Quick Hints Display quick description of the terms in the Wikipedia article.

version, quick, extension, definition, bugs, image, wikipedia, hints, fix, problems, zooming, feature, terms, articles, article

No MouseWheel Zoom Chrome extension download
No MouseWheel Zoom This extension disables the annoying zoom shortcut Ctrl + Mousewheel on Chrome.

chrome, extension, zoom, tabs, changing, shortcut, settings, jquery, mousewheel, unzooming, disables, zooming, sudden, access, file

Ziteboard - zooming collaboration whiteboard Chrome extension download
Ziteboard - zooming collaboration whiteboard Zoomable realtime whiteboard for shared teamwork collaboration. Vector design, sketch drawing, shape recognition, tutoring, meeting.

boards, zoomable, collaboration, whiteboard, presentations, ziteboard, discussions, drawing, online, recognition, tutoring, shared, teamwork, colors, design

SVG Navigator Chrome extension download
SVG Navigator This extension adds zooming and panning capabilities to SVG files viewed in Chrome.

svg, http, extension, zoom, chrome, commons, pan, upload, google, files, click, navigator, www, file, drag

ImageZoom Chrome extension download
ImageZoom Zoom images inline on the current page by holding the middle mouse button down and moving mouse left-right.

image, mouse, zoom, button, middle, images, size, move, left, work, bytes, opening, extension, link, url

zoomWheel Chrome extension download
zoomWheel It will give you an easier and better way to zoom webpages...

zoom, mouse, scroll, chrome, button, work, quot, give, hold, set, holding, default, contact, step, kdfgigbjonaniokmpfflpflkhahhbaej

ModSkinPro Slither Zoom Chrome extension download
ModSkinPro Slither Zoom ModSkinPro Slither

mod, ng, game, chuy, trang, pro, website, modskinpro, slither, zoom, chrome, extension, ph, tri, lai

NoCoffee Chrome extension download
NoCoffee NoCoffee vision simulator

vision, visual, problems, color, contrast, obstructed, text, nocoffee, people, colour, web, great, zoomtext, design, http

ScrollMaps Chrome extension download
ScrollMaps Allow you to use two finger scroll on your Mac trackpad in Google Maps.

maps, google, mac, scroll, issue, trackpads, extension, scrollmaps, works, finger, embedded, small, options, https, pinch

Flickr Right Click Chrome extension download
Flickr Right Click Lets you right click images on Flickr.

click, flickr, images, left, chrome, lets, context, viewing, menu, zoom, disables, default, standard, enables, extension

SplixPlus - Find Friends, Zoom, Minimap Chrome extension download
SplixPlus - Find Friends, Zoom, Minimap The Worlds Best Mod; Zoom, Find Friends, Better Minimap! And More!

game, play, zoom, io, friends, splix, chance, mods, players, minimap, blocks, current, extension, character, watchful

iZoom Chrome extension download
iZoom Automatically changes zoom level to fit window width. With three different zooming modes.

zoom, fit, user, extension, contents, izoom, width, grow, window, wiki, https, level, shrinked, automatically, page

Custom Zoom Chrome extension download
Custom Zoom Customize the step size for zooming web pages

zoom, web, keys, ctrl, chrome, customize, step, pagesallows, amount, size, zooming, extension, pages, function, default

Fast Search for eBay Chrome extension download
Fast Search for eBay Highly configurable, feature rich eBay extension.

ebay, search, listings, extension, chrome, fast, sync, view, price, track, monitor, configurations, tab, favorite, auctions

Zoominto Chrome extension download
Zoominto Zoominto Solutions

zoominto, viewer, images, zooming, top, image, click, find, chrome, high, works, clarity, cursor, video, visit

AngularJS Graph Chrome extension download
AngularJS Graph AngularJS dependency graph.

graph, modules, angularjs, filtering, panning, inspector, zooming, nodes, quot, sticky, components, extension, filter, reload, view

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