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RecordRTC chrome extension

RecordRTC Google chrome Extension overview

RecordRTC chrome extension is Record screen, audio+screen, all-audios+tab, entire conference, and more!.

Note: If you face audio-lost or bugs, then please open your HTTPs pages chrome console logs or go to chrome://extensions page and view recordrtc extensions background page logs.

Note: 1) do NOT enable microphone and audio+tab in parallel.

2) if anything fails, reset everything from "options" page, uninstall the extension and install fresh extension with fresh settings.

3) to record microphone, plz make sure to open or (before clicking the extension icon for recording) ----- contact --------- ----- Bugs ------------ Submit issues here: or here: ------ Wanna Contribute ------- Clone this: and update "screen-recording" directory.

------ features --------- 1) It uses RecordRTC to get maximum accuracy in the recording!

2) It enables microphone recording as well!

You can record your microphone along with any screen (entire screen or apps screen or tabs screen) 3) It enables tab-audio-recording which allows you record any video-confeence on a tab!

However audio+tab is supported only on chrome version >= 53.

RecordRTC Chrome extension Download

It is the RecordRTC google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download RecordRTC chrome extension (CRX)

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