Best Clock Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total clock plugins - 41
Cool Clock Chrome extension download
Cool Clock An extension fully loaded with tons of useful time-related features... But the best part is, it is totally COOL.

time, clock, chrome, calendar, extension, http, google, bar, hide, cool, softpedia, windows, page, show, internet

Battlelog Emblem Editor Extended Chrome extension download
Battlelog Emblem Editor Extended Adds some useful functionality for emblem editor.

layer, selection, emblem, version, hotkeys, select, editor, emblems, fixed, multiple, group, quot, layers, code, caused

Embark - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Embark - New Tab Page A minimalistic new tab page.

page, embark, tab, chrome, highly, allowing, blazingly, date, customisable, photography, loads, beautiful, design, pared, extension

World Clocks Chrome extension download
World Clocks World Clock. It displays multiple world clocks that you can add, remove, sort and edit.

world, clocks, extension, remove, coolclock, http, add, depends, sort, displays, edit, clock, multiple, chrome, randomibis

TabTab - New tab page Chrome extension download
TabTab - New tab page Boost your new tab page with Google Calendarâ„¢, Speed Dial, Weather & more and increase your productivity

google, weather, widgets, widget, tab, click, page, automatically, news, calendar, plans, tabtab, change, options, clock

Date Today Chrome extension download
Date Today The best clock to see in one glance the current day and time. With an option to see the digital clock in the browser toolbar.

current, clock, option, today, browser, date, night, time, number, chrome, https, show, menu, extension, change

FoxClocks Chrome extension download
FoxClocks FoxClocks shows times around the world at the bottom of your browser. It deals with daylight saving time so you don't have to.

time, foxclocks, world, web, clocks, lets, virtually, statusbar, page, create, formats, city, zone, saving, search

New Tab Clock Chrome extension download
New Tab Clock Replaces the New Tab page with a simple customizable clock.

extension, tab, clock, chrome, click, roboto, icon, remove, information, indie, sc, fonts, menu, amatic, saved

Love O'Clock Chrome extension download
Love O'Clock Celebrate your love! Displays how long you have been together with your loved one. Plus soft anniversary reminders

extension, anniversary, option, day, loved, date, reminder, months, fixed, counting, welcomed, days, animation, gif, years

e-clock Chrome extension download
e-clock Replace new tab page with minimalistic and customizable clock and weather with quick access to apps, bookmarks, history and more

clock, weather, tab, customization, decent, options, current, request, access, bookmarks, apps, quick, question, bug, add

New Tab by Getty Images Chrome extension download
New Tab by Getty Images A stunning new photo on your Chrome browser every time you open a new tab

images, tab, getty, photo, search, time, browser, imagery, chrome, policy, customize, link, carousel, experience, privacy

Clockwork Chrome extension download
Clockwork Devtools panel for PHP development

extension, information, chrome, php, clockwork, support, database, tab, panel, development, changelog, data, based, https, github

Just a Clock - the Hours Chrome extension download
Just a Clock - the Hours A simple digital clock for the toolbar. This is JUST THE HOURS. Pair with the minutes for an awesome readable clock in your toolbar!

translation, minutes, hour, clock, options, chrome, toolbar, simple, monitor, hours, extension, video, van, game, app

Just a Clock - the Minutes Chrome extension download
Just a Clock - the Minutes A simple digital clock for the toolbar. This is JUST THE MINUTES. Pair with the hours for an awesome readable clock in your toolbar!

translation, hours, minutes, clock, chrome, simple, monitor, toolbar, extension, high, agglgohcegmeeaccikjfmehncfomccpg, dark, video, van, game

Flipper - A Beautiful New Tab Chrome extension download
Flipper - A Beautiful New Tab Flipper is a beautiful replacement for your boring 'New Tab Page'

flipper, choose, tab, menu, add, widget, features, gmail, options, flippers, page, fast, ui, facebook, feature

World Clocks Chrome extension download
World Clocks World Clocks

time, chrome, clocks, extension, world, select, extensions, open, http, display, local, simple, powerful, clocksworld, country

World Clock Chrome extension download
World Clock Show time in different parts of World in single screen. The time shown is local time in respective time zone

time, world, chrome, extensions, single, extension, parts, show, earth, respective, zone, setup, meeting, tejji, http

Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Metro Style Clock Widget [ANTP] A metro style clock for Awesome New Tab Page. [ANTP]

antp, awesome, metro, page, release, widget, version, updates, formats, added, tab, style, clock, ability, js

CSS3Clock [aNTP] Chrome extension download
CSS3Clock [aNTP] Pure CSS analog clock for Awesome New Tab Page

chrome, awesome, clock, extension, pure, analog, css, antp, tab, css3clock, page

Day - Night Time Clock [FVD] Chrome extension download
Day - Night Time Clock [FVD] Stylish Clocks with Day - Night animation and nice settings for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, dial, speed, https, chrome, widgets, catalog, http, webstore, night, stylish, visit, google, suggestions, day

Minimal New Tab Clock Chrome extension download
Minimal New Tab Clock A simple, ultra-lightweight clock to replace your tab menu.

clock, v1, minimal, moved, tab, hand, top, click, lightbulb, hr, simple, replace, lightweight, ultra, extension

Lightweight Alarm Clock, Timer, and Countdown Chrome extension download
Lightweight Alarm Clock, Timer, and Countdown Alarm clock, timer, and countdown with sound, pop-up message, and desktop notification.

alarm, extension, notification, countdown, pop, lightweight, manager, software, chrome, tracking, extensions, background, timer, clock, resources

Clock Radio Chrome extension download
Clock Radio A clock radio more than 40,000 stations and lightning fast search to find and play popular artists and shows.

time, radio, search, play, popular, find, added, music, fast, favorite, clock, product, love, button, screen

GMT/UTC Clock Chrome extension download
GMT/UTC Clock UTC Clock extension for Google Chrome.

font, utc, changelog, extension, gmt, chrome, google, screenshot, link, art, download, clock, easier, read, amp

Just Tetris Chrome extension download
Just Tetris Move and rotate the falling pieces with the arrow-keys. Aim to create complete rows to destroy them.

arrowkey, falling, rows, blocks, move, rotate, complete, keys, destroying, destroy, extension, gradually, drop, pressed, soft

Voice Clock Chrome extension download
Voice Clock Helping you to keep track of time and help you organize yourself better!

time, chrome, voice, clock, helping, track, hilarious, quickly, running, calming, runs, female, today, lets, fast

World Clocks [FVD] Chrome extension download
World Clocks [FVD] World Clocks widget with TimeZone. Displayed up to six clocks for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, clocks, dial, speed, https, chrome, widgets, catalog, widget, http, webstore, world, visit, suggestions, google

Alarm Clock Chrome extension download
Alarm Clock This is a simple chrome extension and ability to set upto 3 alarm times.

chrome, alarm, extension, small, browser, upto, tabs, open, google, set, ability, clock, alarms, total, footprint

TagProReplays Chrome extension download
TagProReplays Save Replays from within TagPro Games

v1, tagpro, replays, menu, replay, issues, added, multiple, fix, image, extension, rendered, browser, bug, raw

Clock and Weather forecast combo [FVD] Chrome extension download
Clock and Weather forecast combo [FVD] Stylish Clocks and Weather forecast combo widget for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, dial, speed, weather, widget, chrome, webstore, forecast, stylish, google, hl, en, location, set, clocks

UT Football Countdown Chrome extension download
UT Football Countdown This extensions counts down the time until UT football

counts, countdown, game, football, ut, provide, stats, highlights, extensions, chrome, extension, time, footballvols, update, season

Cool Clock with 20 skins [FVD] Chrome extension download
Cool Clock with 20 skins [FVD] Cool Clock with 20 skins and TimeZone options for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, dial, speed, chrome, https, widgets, catalog, webstore, http, skins, visit, google, suggestions, cool, hl

RuneScape Voice of Seren Chrome extension download
RuneScape Voice of Seren Displays active RuneScape Voice of Seren

extension, jagex, runescape, created, united, icons, media, chrome, voice, clan, jagexclock, displays, active, data, limited

Awesome Clock Chrome extension download
Awesome Clock Interactive world clocks extension, easily one click to show, work offline.

clocks, extension, show, offline, work, contact, annd, questions, digital, chrome, drag, click, interactive, easily, daylight

Count Down Timer Chrome extension download
Count Down Timer * A simple customizable count down timer for Chrome *

count, weekends, timer, exclude, feel, free, layout, time, open, excludeweekends, fix, hand, corner, multiple, timers

Halloween Countdown Chrome extension download
Halloween Countdown Want to know the days until the next Halloween? Then this is the app for you! Automatically updates on the day of Halloween.

halloween, anymore, countdown, longer, wait, located, helpful, forget, chrome, extension, updates, day, conviently, candy, wanted

Simple Digital Clock [FVD] Chrome extension download
Simple Digital Clock [FVD] Digital Clocks with basic settings (font color, style, size) and TimeZone for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, digital, dial, speed, chrome, https, widgets, catalog, webstore, http, visit, google, clocks, suggestions, hl

Motivate Clock | Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Motivate Clock | Time Tracker Time tracking extension which allows to sync statistic of websites between browser and Motivate Clock desktop application.

application, extension, motivate, clock, time, websites, tracking, downloaded, motivateclock, log, projects, spent, hours, multiple, create

Erinome Godville UI+ Chrome extension download
Erinome Godville UI+ UI improvements for and

extension, added, features, custom, ui, map, game, support, godville, dungeons, time, highlighting, notifications, original, pointers

Alarm Clock Chrome extension download
Alarm Clock Simple alarm clock to wake people.

clock, alarm, chrome, extension, simple, super, wake, people, cool

World View Wallpaper Tab Launcher Chrome extension download
World View Wallpaper Tab Launcher Experience the world with every new tab

world, apps, extension, tab, clock, enjoy, chrome, change, thickness, images, increase, fl, experience, wallpaper, includes

CaretTab - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
CaretTab - New Tab Page A simplistic New Tab page with options for displaying time, date, search, favorite links, and more!

added, option, time, page, date, carettab, tab, search, color, options, additional, custom, fixed, displaying, bluecaret

Septicycle Countdown for Ingress Chrome extension download
Septicycle Countdown for Ingress Shows the time remaining in the current Ingress checkpoint and septicycle, and the times of upcoming checkpoints.

time, ingress, system, servers, chrome, zone, times, current, septicycle, update, clock, work, extension, mode, problem

Analog Clock with TimeZone [FVD] Chrome extension download
Analog Clock with TimeZone [FVD] Analog Clocks with TimeZone options for FVD Speed Dial [FVD]

fvd, dial, speed, https, chrome, analog, widgets, catalog, http, webstore, timezone, visit, suggestions, google, hl

Simple Calendar Chrome extension download
Simple Calendar Simple Vista like Calendar and old analog clock in browser window

browser, extensions, window, chrome, calendar, simple, vista, users, android, appearance, iphone, point, view, mac, http

Orbital Clock Chrome extension download
Orbital Clock Orbital Clock

orbital, extension, clock, rocket, launch, world, page, day, year, alerts, events, find, easily, finder, landmarked

Radionomy & SHOUTcast Player Chrome extension download
Radionomy & SHOUTcast Player Radionomy & SHOUTcast Player

shoutcast, added, v2, extension, chrome, online, directory, ultimate, stream, audio, listen, easily, radionomy, stations, radio

Love Clock Chrome extension download
Love Clock Bring joy to your life every time you open a new tab with this beautiful animated clock.

clock, bring, chrome, tab, beautiful, open, time, life, extension, joy, animated, love

tab.BEAU Chrome extension download
tab.BEAU Provides a significantly cleaner and prettier New Tab Page using imagery from 500px. Also, provides a visually rich clock.

tab, clock, cpu, load, github, code, https, options, extension, significantly, customizing, prettier, cleaner, timer, display

Clock Chrome extension download
Clock A simple and customizable clock

options, clock, hour, colors, clocksimple, simple, extension, usable, page, customizable, font, watch, size, pop, digital

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