Best Font Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total font plugins - 86
Readability Chrome extension download
Readability Readability is a web and mobile app that zaps clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view.

web, reading, kindle, list, content, quot, clutter, view, page, comfortable, font, readability, extension, appearance, read

New Tab Redirect Chrome extension download
New Tab Redirect Allows a user to provide the URL of the page that loads in a new tab.

page, tab, omnibar, version, redirect, chrome, permissions, extensions, custom, tabs, extension, google, wiki, highlight, https

WhatFont Chrome extension download
WhatFont The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

font, supported, improved, fonts, whatfont, detection, button, fixed, services, added, web, bug, twitter, icon, typekit

Advanced Font Settings Chrome extension download
Advanced Font Settings Customize per-script font settings.

font, settings, extension, chrome, script, language, content, quot, html, lang, attribute, web, page, customize, separate

Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension download
Print Friendly & PDF Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

print, pdf, images, pdfs, friendly, text, remove, printing, size, click, url, save, source, links, clickable

Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

facebook, change, changer, colors, ads, chrome, options, photo, background, zoom, icon, application, newsfeed, app, color

ScriptSafe Chrome extension download
ScriptSafe Regain control of the web and surf more securely.

prevent, options, fingerprinting, block, added, default, random, option, disabled, canvas, settings, page, list, api, users

PicMonkey Extension Chrome extension download
PicMonkey Extension Instantly edit web page images and screenshots with PicMonkey

picmonkey, page, images, lets, web, edit, chrome, instantly, extension, photo, desires, frames, online, textures, fonts

Fontface Ninja Chrome extension download
Fontface Ninja Explore fonts within a website, try and buy them !

font, fonts, ninja, version, fontface, bug, free, plugin, website, fixed, extension, improve, price, buy, typekit

META SEO inspector Chrome extension download
META SEO inspector Useful to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing.

quot, added, data, links, page, meta, tags, html, improvements, good, follow, web, extension, fixes, site

Sticky Notes - Just popped up! Chrome extension download
Sticky Notes - Just popped up! Easiest way for taking quick notes. Features like font size, color & themes. Collect as you browse in an awesome manner (See Demo)

notes, update, quot, size, chrome, sync, bug, improved, font, added, tool, cookies, device, fixed, option

Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Chrome extension download
Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Customize the style, layout, and functionality of popular websites using a powerful new set of tools in one simple menu.

add, websites, options, facebook, menu, simple, popular, program, layout, set, background, hundreds, custom, button, chrome

Sexy Undo Close Tab Chrome extension download
Sexy Undo Close Tab Accidentally closed your last tab? Tired of losing tabs in Incognito? Don't worry, everything is possible with this sexy extension!

tabs, tab, fixed, closed, option, undo, manager, v7, delete, stuff, update, sexy, extension, incognito, double

Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary Chrome extension download
Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary Great tool for learning Chinese. Includes links to Chinese Grammar Wiki. Supports adding words to Skritter.

chinese, characters, extension, words, skritter, tone, word, list, pinyin, translation, character, popup, includes, simply, page

Notepad Chrome extension download
Notepad A very simple notepad for Chrome with sync functionality.

syncing, chrome, http, sync, notes, ly, bit, scroll, notepad, extensions, position, bsync, bookmark, folder, extension

Care your Eyes Chrome extension download
Care your Eyes Change the page's background color to the reseda or night mode and you can click a block to make it changing color.

color, extension, eyes, change, refresh, pages, mode, click, custom, block, night, webpage, function, reinstall, restart

OpenDyslexic Chrome extension download
OpenDyslexic Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help.

opendyslexic, letter, extension, font, bottoms, open, button, https, pages, weighted, brain, dyslexia, chrome, letters, news

Font Size Increase Chrome extension download
Font Size Increase With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be increase.

font, size, chrome, increase, google, button, click, high, extensions, docs, dpi, text, reading, decrease, website

Pablo Chrome extension download
Pablo Engaging social images in 30 seconds

pablo, image, images, social, text, twitter, facebook, media, click, beautiful, create, sizes, share, instagram, add

Pretty Facebook Chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook Chat Prettify your Facebook chat. Bigger size, more animation, more... nice :-)

version, facebook, extension, chat, bug, shadow, fixed, chrome, pretty, icon, size, source, instructions, share, added

Palettab Chrome extension download
Palettab Bringing awesome colors and fonts to the new tab page! A little bit of something fresh every time you hit that new tab button.

fonts, awesome, time, tab, extension, hit, chrome, collections, color, bringing, colors, discover, fresh, button, palettab

Reedy Chrome extension download
Reedy Read all you want faster with Reedy for Google Chrome!

reedy, text, read, alt, speed, v2, shortcut, words, works, font, ability, left, mouse, rsvp, improved

PrintWhatYouLike Chrome extension download
PrintWhatYouLike PrintWhatYouLike lets you print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk.

print, remove, page, web, save, printwhatyoulike, backgrounds, lets, images, margins, skipping, good, type, isolate, size

1 Click Translator Chrome extension download
1 Click Translator Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.

click, translator, translation, extension, translate, google, api, support, language, fix, popup, issues, working, text, page

Font Size Decrease Chrome extension download
Font Size Decrease With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be decrease.

font, size, chrome, decrease, google, button, click, high, extensions, docs, dpi, text, reading, increase, website

Google Font Previewer for Chrome Chrome extension download
Google Font Previewer for Chrome Lets you choose a font from the Google Font directory with a few text styling options, and preview them on the current tab.

font, directory, lets, chrome, google, quickly, page, find, star, quick, preview, options, entire, fonts, styling

Wiki by eAnswers Chrome extension download
Wiki by eAnswers Enjoy the new and better look of Wikipedia

wikipedia, free, knowledge, add, read, beautiful, members, articles, fonts, eanswers, shows, information, log, chrome, enriches

Video and Co Chrome extension download
Video and Co Accède aux meilleurs vidéos qui font le buzz sur le web.

de, extension, le, quot, sur, vous, chrome, des, cette, votre, en, qui, les, ces, fonctionnalit

Readline Chrome extension download
Readline Reading made fast & simple

select, word, text, readline, background, click, amp, support, shortcuts, read, quot, spacebar, spritz, point, focal

New Tab Clock Chrome extension download
New Tab Clock Replaces the New Tab page with a simple customizable clock.

extension, tab, clock, chrome, click, roboto, icon, remove, information, indie, sc, fonts, menu, amatic, saved

Gmail Address Checker Chrome extension download
Gmail Address Checker You need to confirm you want to send mail

check, display, gmail, box, subject, extension, quot, dialog, sending, mail, change, fixed, send, confirm, length

Sight Chrome extension download
Sight The Syntax Highlighter for Chrome

syntax, extension, font, chrome, url, numbers, line, toggle, lang, code, language, ft, reading, pass, highlighter

Font Rendering Enhancer Chrome extension download
Font Rendering Enhancer Font Rendering Enhancer for Chrome. Darker and clearer text on the pages (http and https).

font, rendering, text, anti, css3, browsers, https, opera, mac, osx, modified, http, render, chrome, panel

Print and Save to the cloud with CleanSave  Chrome extension download
Print and Save to the cloud with CleanSave Edit and save web pages to your Kindle, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, PDF, or Print.

cleansave, content, google, print, page, article, quot, dropbox, pdf, box, add, save, text, tools, saves

PrintME Chrome extension download
PrintME Need print customization before priting ? This extension is right for you!

extension, print, basis, world, fonts, save, colors, chrome, customization, wide, regular, customize, money, printme, priting

Voice Instead Chrome extension download
Voice Instead Yet another TTS (text to speech) extension, with natrual voice.

version, voice, text, speech, quot, panel, tts, page, top, click, extension, reading, fix, problem, add

Type Sample Chrome extension download
Type Sample Identify and preview webfonts.

extension, text, sample, identify, font, webfonts, test, panel, open, hover, identifying, webpage, type, chrome, typesample

Web Page Sticky Notes Chrome extension download
Web Page Sticky Notes Sticky Notes For Web Pages

page, notes, note, extension, text, web, specific, scope, icons, resize, tab, clean, feed, click, rss

Custom Hangout Emoticons Chrome extension download
Custom Hangout Emoticons Makes it possible to add custom emoticons to your Google Hangouts

google, emoticons, extension, custom, packages, hangout, send, official, videos, change, style, share, create, emoticon, provide

utf-8 and unicode characters Chrome extension download
utf-8 and unicode characters utf-8 characters

http, fonts, unicode, characters, utf, extension, www, code2000, org, firefox, html, chrome, han, wazu, gallery

Graspable Math Sidebar Chrome extension download
Graspable Math Sidebar Interact with mathematical expressions on wikipedia or any other webpage.

sidebar, version, wikipedia, dragging, expressions, derivation, interact, updates, derivations, formulas, equation, expression, improved, hold, math

Font Playground Chrome extension download
Font Playground Preview your site with Google web fonts and get the css code.

fonts, font, https, extension, chrome, preview, google, web, url, settings, text, click, detail, names, selector

Myanmar Font Tools Chrome extension download
Myanmar Font Tools Tools for writing and reading in Myanmar language

myanmar, unicode, fonts, chrome, tools, font, source, beta, github, menu, context, https, kominko, emulator, user

read46 2ch reader Chrome extension download
read46 2ch reader ?????2ch??????????

ch, reader, quot, mosaic, mona, community, chrome, open, ms, pgothic, image, library, fonts, thumbnail, level

DevTools Author Chrome extension download
DevTools Author A selection of author settings for Chrome Developer Tools.

devtools, chrome, font, experiments, enable, custom, author, selection, themes, extension, flags, developer, size, enhance, authoring

Web Inspector Chrome extension download
Web Inspector Have you ever wanted to know which is that stylish font used on a certain website? Or the text color used? Or have you ever wanted…

extension, page, item, font, case, click, chrome, source, wanted, web, color, inspector, url, github, element

Asciidoctor.js Live Preview Chrome extension download
Asciidoctor.js Live Preview Render AsciiDoc (.ad, .adoc, .asc, .asciidoc) as HTML inside Chrome!

add, extension, chrome, options, support, custom, attributes, files, asciidoc, file, asciidoctor, page, local, font, js

AppLauncher Chrome extension download
AppLauncher Application Launcher for Chrome. Run all your web applications installed from WebStore.

chrome, application, version, applications, applauncher, web, minor, opening, easiest, extensions, access, extension, webstore, installed, fonts

Google Calendar with Readable Fonts Chrome extension download
Google Calendar with Readable Fonts This extension injects various font styling features alongside the toolbar in Google Calendar

font, google, extension, calendar, size, bold, styling, asked, fonts, version, toolbar, browsers, change, px, events

Reddit Notifier Chrome extension download
Reddit Notifier Get reddit notifications in chrome

notifier, reddit, check, messages, page, added, interval, notification, pull, support, enable, replies, extension, notifications, https

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